GLDS is a multifunctional tool that can be used in various ways.      INTRODUCTION Gold is the most flexible, all equal. Gold is an individual metal that changes and sits at the same table occasionally with silver and copper. The social affair where gold can be found is usually named after a group of metal coins because individuals are […]


Gold is the most adaptable   Despite the fact that our world continues to grow and develop, there is still a place for traditional sources of profit. Where people have been investing for centuries. And of course, what I mean now is the gold mining industry. I think you don’t have to go far in history and show the […]


first digital currency exchange What is Deflexchange?Deflex is the first cryptocurrency exchange, creating an exchange that combines deflation with all cryptocurrency, no matter if it’s a token or a coin. From our point of view, there are two types of exchanges. One type of exchange is those that create new features, new services and take the cryptocurrency […]

EQ Token

EQ Token will use blockchain technology as a way of crowdfunding equity that is far better and more efficient Crowdfunding equity is a procedure in which individuals place resources into the initial period of an unregistered organization or an organization that is not recorded on financial exchange in exchange for participating in the organization. An investor […]


Prometheusintegrate parts of the blockchain in a fast and convenient way What is Prometheus? Prometheus has created a fully functional MVP that allows users to connect to the database via a few clicks, select tables and columns to transfer to the blockchain, select blockchain types (Prometheus, Ethereum, Cardano, Stellar …) and select Actions to be […]

Iris Arc

Energy-Saving Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Mining Using Iris Hydrogen Arc Technology WHAT IS HYDROGEN IRIS ARC?The Iiris Hydrogen Arc Ecosystem is the first mining project in the world to protect the environment through a unique energy concept, making bitcoin mining not only very profitable, but also environmentally friendly through the use of innovative technology, utilizing the […]

GPM Carbon

GPMCoin Development and introduction of new technologies for activated carbon production,  This project is part of the GPM-Planet group, company details can be found at In the project, a professional team of like-minded people gathered. During collaboration, from research to prototyping, the team showed determination, resources and professionalism. At that time, when we were as close as possible […]


public computing networks that are geologically distributed and distributed through the blockchain Every human being must have his own level of intelligence, which is caused by the intelligence found in humans that gave birth to advanced technology. Where without intelligent thinking from humans, of course there will be no computer, electricity, internet and various other types […]

Carbon Offset Initiative Green waste tracking solution

Carbon Offset InitiativeGreen waste tracking solutionThe Carbon Offset Initiative is a green solution for tracing waste and data in various fields of industry, using innovative blockchain technology to increase productivity in collecting, tracking, and recycling waste from various sources. WHY DO WE CHANGE THE GAME? Carbon footprint and pollution are increasing before our eyes and […]


DACX Exchange Commodity Exchange Since the beginning of cryptocurrency, there have been many crypto projects that have been built for commodity exchange and have been ignited, but so far no project has done that. DACX bridges the gap between physical goods and digital assets, promoting the reuse of limited resources to promote a global circle economy. By […]

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