CBT – a transparent and stable trading platform.

About DigitalFlyer
DigitalFlyer is the fastest growing online marketing platform in South Africa. We are a business directory – but more than that. We are a newly founded company (2018) that aims to create and offer the most cost -effective online marketing solutions for business members to sell their products and services, with easy access for your customers.

Our vision is to make it easy for users to FIND the business or service they’re looking for, and to make it easy to FIND businesses.

The issue closest to our hearts is elevating communities by offering affordable business listings, allowing businesses of any size to be easily found, generating purchases from more local businesses in the community, and ultimately influencing their communities with the resulting economic benefits.

DigitalFlyer Features
Direct integration with your target market so customers can communicate directly with you via email, phone or WhatsApp – no intermediaries needed!

Link your social media platform to your profile to increase your followers.

Free user -friendly applications are available for download on Android and iOS

Take advantage of our extensive marketing efforts on social media, street ads, newsletters, and radio ads.

Create your professional business profile in minutes so customers can find you online, quickly and easily.

List and sell your individual services and products online with detailed product information.

Showcase your upcoming events so customers can easily find out what’s happening near them.

Why CBT?
The vision and focus of CBT is to enable all types of community businesses, to enter the digital age of doing business, while funding community projects for the improvement and enhancement of skills.

Projects CBT funding has largely been earmarked for a variety of community projects including children’s schools, community support, community health and entrepreneurial skills. Stay connected to learn more.

The CBT Business and Marketing Platform is
not just something that will be done in the future but is an extension of the existing and evolving business platform. CBT is not a concept planned for the future, but a living and thriving community infrastructure.

Giving back from the word GO  CBT
referral bonus structure is a money back guarantee option. Our CBT makers have the option to generate even before the CBT closes. Make sure you read our Whitepaper and learn about CBT bonuses and cashback package options.

How does it work?
Grow your business by getting relevant and verified prospects

For Users
This local directory is the smartest way to find the best products and services for all your needs.

Quickly find what you’re looking for in your area
Contact businesses directly from the app
Have full control over what you want to tell, about who you want to tell, who you want to see, – geographic settings for results, etc.
Create a Favorites list from your regular shopping center and follow any new special offers, products, or services they promote.
Get accurate directions to your business
And much to follow
For Business Members
Grow your business online and create more prospects for your business!
Prospective customers can easily find your product or service
Various DigitalFlyer marketing strategies, saving thousands of Rands per month for marketing exposure
There are features and functions that we have not been able to add to this list but you can be sure that this will increase the marketing exposure of your own business and further accessibility of your customers to your products.

A personalized dashboard that offers functionality such as:

  • Favorite list
  • List of transactions
  • Appointment calendar
  • Personal and family shopping lists (shared and accessible from multiple devices)
  • Vacation planning chart
  • Personalized communication preferences, such as custom or location notifications
  • Reward point tracking and management plug-ins

The DigitalFlyer platform is adaptable and constantly evolving as we receive feedback from business members and their customers. It is with this production and exchange community that we have decided to grow the platform’s ability to create wealth and opportunity for our members and their customers. We invite you to continue reading as we introduce you to our Community Business Coins.


DigitalFlyer is the market leader in digital marketing and business support. The team strives to provide high quality services to businesses and their clients by streamlining the process of connecting businesses to clients and clients to businesses. DigitalFlyer sources and provides the best business support partners, accounting systems and support services. We can offer this at an affordable price because we already have an active and operational platform, delivering quality and focusing on quantity.

Now, DigitalFlyer has gone a step further by introducing our Community Business Coin and Initial Coin Offering. We create a space where our business members and their customers can generate wealth by participating and trading with CBC on our existing platform. We invite you to participate in our CBC ICO during our 12 -month cycle and reap the potential benefits of the 3000% growth estimate on your initial purchase or the value of your CBC at the end of the ICO. In addition, you can’t just increase your CBC share by referring customers, business partners, and friends. Our shared goal is more business, more profits and an increase in ultimate wealth, transforming individual businesses and one person showing up to a prosperous and independent community.

Community Business Token Roadmap

Community Business Exhibition

Regular exhibitions are held but due to covid-19, postponed until further notice

Platform HelpLift

The HelpLift platform was developed as part of a community mobilization and can be found at  http: //www.helplift.net   ;

CBT wallet

The deadline is set for December 2020 but the wallet is already active and used by members

Launch CBT on the exchange

The time frame is after the ICO completes the CBT to be listed on various exchanges

Our team

We are proud to introduce our team

Our team consists of a group of people with experience who have earned expert degrees in their field and each is in line with the vision of CBT and DigitalFlyer. The full team page will be updated regularly as we add more team members.

Dewald Rosema: Founder and Visionary

Abhishek Mehta: Technology Dominates the Mind

Andrew Visagie: Wellness and Communication Expert

Jeetesh Gajjar: Product Owner

Doepie Du Plessis: Financial Distributor

Deep Yadav: CTO

More information

Web:  https://www.communitybusinesstoken.com/#homeToken

Telegram Chat:  https://t.me/CBT_Bounty  ,  https://t.me/cbtico  ,  https://t.me/SoficoBounty  .

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/business_token

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/communitybusinesscoin/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/digitalflyersa/

Youtube:  https://youtube.com/c/DigitalFlyerby Landungsarielink https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3166153

Magic Balance

Magic Balancer- ETH-BSC chain rebalancing protocol

Magic Balancer is a deflation governance DEFI token that provides exceptional rewards to active users through a smart contract protocol, while seamlessly integrating transaction rewards with liquidity rebalancing features. MGB tokens are designed to be sustainable and maximize their value by actually experiencing deflation and encouraging users to be active while offering incredible rewards. Each gift token allocated by MGB never jeopardizes the entire supply, which means that the growth of MGB tokens will never be difficult. Each Magic Balancer protocol is made for 100% disbelief and requires no human intervention to operate. This ensures that all Magic Balancer protocols can run forever and will never be disabled by human intervention.

Magic Balancer ensures that the cost per refill continues to increase in value. This is done by temporarily removing some of the liquidity from the MGB / ETH pair, buying the MGB market with ETH, and then burning all the remaining MGB. Basically, the equilibrium of the Uniswap MGB / ETH pair is being restored and the MGB value is increasing relative to the ETH. The MGB token comes from the community and is a flexible project driven by the community and future community governance can only be achieved through voting.

There is no alternate text for this image

After the birth of cryptocurrency, DeFi tokens (decentralized financial tokens) have disrupted the financial sector throughout 2020. While many projects are still in the early stages of development, DeFi tokens have emerged and caused a craze in the crypto market that of course reminds us of the Bitcoin euphoria. , Ethereum, and others in 2017. Decentralized Finance or DeFi is a system that aims to provide financial services that are open, unlicensed, transparent, and available to everyone without centralized authority.


A. Balance back:

Each rebalancing of the $ MGB token price can go up to 2%. This can happen every hour up to 24 times a day! After 1 week Presale ends with 1 $ MGB worth $ 4000 for this mechanism.

b. Switching:

The exchange is an automated market maker (“AMM”) that allows two tokens to be exchanged on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Main Net.

c. ETH Bridge ~ BSC:

A mechanism that allows the exchange of tokens between cross -chains without non -permanent loss.

d. $ MGB token:

The $ MGB KEY mechanic ensures that the uniswap price continues to increase in value (Assuming neutral Market pressures). This is done by temporarily removing some liquidity from the $ MGB / ETH pair, buying the $ MGB market with ETH, then burning the entire remaining $ MGB. Basically rebalancing the $ MGB / ETH Uniswap pair and increasing the value of $ MGB in relation to ETH. These tokens are specifically designed to be integrated into the Necromancer ecosystem.


There is no alternate text for this image

With Ethereum’s enormous gas prices, we want to provide a way to help combat them with the ability to trade on the BSC blockchain. Transaction costs are very low when compared to the same transaction costs in Ethereum; BSC transactions can be as low as 5 cents. We want to provide an opportunity for all MGB holders to build an ecosystem of 2 and that can be used regardless of the congestion and costs that are sometimes experienced when using Ethereum Blockchain. Are there Code Differences between ETH-BSC chains? No, there is no fundamental difference between the two chains but there are small value modifiers (e.g. caller function award% 1 for BSC) What is the difference between the BSC ecosystem and the ETH ecosystem? Because each blockchain has its own ecosystem, both chains have their own lives,


·         Function A:

1% added to liquidity on sell, buy, and txn ~ this allows us to continue to have liquidity to perform Function B.

LP Prize

~ Whenever function two is called, all $ MGB from function one is distributed to the LP provider.

~ All you need to do to get this reward is provide liquidity.

After Magic-Swap is released

All taxes go into the address to then be added to $ MGB / rETH on MagicSwap

·         Function B:

Buy and Burn Liquidity

The function is available once an hour and can be called by anyone.

Callers of the function will receive 5% of $ MGB in incentives to spend on Gas. (% 1 for BSC)


MGB tokens come from the community and are a flexible community -based project. MGB is a token of community governance, and future community governance can only be achieved through MGB voting

The voting period for each proposal is 3 days. If the quorum reaches 20% and the support level reaches 66% at the end of the vote, the proposal is considered passed.

Tokenomics for ETH Chain

  • Total Supply – 300,000 MGB
  • Presale – 150,000 MGB
  • Initial Liquidity – 85,000 MGB
  • Marketing – 35,000 MGB
  • Team Token – 30,000 MGB
  • Presale – 1 ETH = 999 MGB ($ 1.5 *)
  • Buy Max Presale = 3 ETH ($ 4,500 *)
  • Initial List – 1 ETH = 799 MGB ($ 1.88 *) ~ 25% higher than pre -sales
  • Presale Hardcap = 30 ETH ($ 45,000*)
  • 70% ETH (21 ETH – $ 31,500 *) is provided for liquidity.
  • 20% ETH (6 ETH – $ 9,000 *) provides future development, partnerships, marketing, community building, checklists and expansion teams.
  • 10% ETH (3 ETH – $ 4,500 *) pre -sale reference gift

Tokenomics for BSC

  • Total Supply – 300,000 MGB
  • Presale – 150,000 MGB
  • Initial Liquidity – 85,000 MGB
  • Marketing – 35,000 MGB
  • Team Token – 30,000 MGB
  • Presale – 1 BNB = 99 MGB ($ 2.5 *)
  • Buy Max Presale = 30 BNB ($ 7,500 *)
  • Initial List – 1 BNB = 79 MGB ($ 3.16 *) ~ 25% higher than presale
  • Presale Hardcap = 300 BNB ($ 75,000 *)
  • 70% BNB (210BNB – $ 52,500 *) is provided for liquidity.
  • 20% BNB (60 BNB – $ 15,000 *) provides future development, partnerships, marketing, community development, checklists and expansion teams.
  • 10% BNB (30 BNB – $ 7,500 *) pre -sale reference gift.


K1 2021

• Develop tokenomics and features

• Develop contracts, front end websites and dAPPs

• Write a whitepaper

• Presale

• Launch MGB on Uniswap and Pancakeswap

Start an influencer marketing campaign

• Community growth and gift campaigns for partnerships

K2 2021

• ETH Bridge ~ BSC

• Securing project partnerships

K3 2021

• Launch of MagicSwap

• Create a DAO MGB for government

• Transfer contract ownership to a governance contract

K4 2021

• Prepare a road map for 2022 in the future


The only thing you can trust in the crypto space is the code, it never lies and once implemented, it will never be able to change the way it functions. The best projects in crypto are those that provide a 100% unreliable protocol and prove that fact with complete code transparency. This is what Magic Balancer has to offer, this is our core belief and the only way we will release the protocol.

Read More here:

Website:   https://magicbalancer.org

●   Telegram:   https://t.me/magicbalancer

●   Whitepaper:   https://github.com/MagicBalancer/Whitepaper/blob/main/whitepaperv1.pdf

● Twitter:   https://twitter.com/magicbalancer

● Governance:   https://vote.magicbalancer.org

● Github:   https://github.com/magicbalancer

by Landungsarie

link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3166153


 KnitFinance is a unique decentralization protocol that combines synthetics across various chains, bridges, and real world markets 

As we all know that the advent of blockchain technology has changed the world faster and stronger, in fact almost every industry in the world applies the most advanced technology that is by using Blockchain Technology. The advent of the blockchain has connected the financial industry in a more seamless and modern way, on the one hand Cryptocurrency has grown significantly in recent years. These developments make cryptocurrency better and can be applied to more complex financial cases. especially with the Knit Finance project, a platform -based project that is transparent, unique, secure and of course this project will change the world of Cryptoqurrency to be beautiful and will bring great benefits for its users and investors.


and in this article I will give you a quality and promising project in the future. I have tested and found that this product is completely safe and legal. And nowhere else is KNIT FINANCE, a project that unleashes the full potential of DeFi by bridging and synthesizing cross -chains.

• About KNIT Finance •

KnitFinance is a unique decentralized protocol that combines synthetics across various chains, bridges, and real world markets with yields, loans, trades, and margin services through smart contracts. It also provides cross -chain liquidity aggregation in 100% fully transparent verifiable. Community -led initiatives.

MERAJUT. Finance is the next generation of the Defi protocol that aims to bridge multiple non-Ethereum chains with ERC20 in Phase 1. Any lockable digital assets can be harnessed with KNIT. Finance by generating equivalent synthetic tokens in a 1: 1 ratio, thus opening up billions of dollars and trade access that can be censored evidence.

Anything that is decentralized should be available to anyone and everyone. But DeFi currently relies heavily on ERC-20 tokens. The ERC-20 standard has proven to be a prime option for decentralization of loans, loans, and agricultural yields, etc. However, this ignores the participation of other assets of the independent blockchain. These assets and their hawkers have a major barrier to entry into DeFi. KNIT.finance solves this problem in one move.

KNIT.Finance opens up the entire crypto ecosystem to DeFi using synthetics and cross -chain bridges. The existing DeFi protocol determines which tokens and projects can participate. KNIT Finance’s decentralized protocol utilizes smart contracts to combine the DeFi group with billions of assets from the non-ERC-20 chain. By setting the standard for non-ERC-20 coins to be converted into synthetic ERC-20 tokens, KNIT Finance opens up a whole world of new possibilities.

Any coin or token in any blockchain can be converted into a synthetic token equivalent to the ERC-20 format. The original token and the synthesized token will represent each other in a 1: 1 ratio. Conversely, with KNIT, ERC-20 tokens can also be synthesized in other blockchains with a 1: 1 ratio. In addition to cryptocurrency, real world assets such as fiat, gold, and stocks can be synthesized using KNIT Finance.

Why Choose KNIT.Finance?
Lend, Trade, and Yield Farm with Any Asset

Knit. Finance creates incredible opportunities for altcoin and Ethereum DeFi. The protocol incorporates new assets into the highly liquid Ethereum network and allows them to be connected to existing revenue generation opportunities.

Ethereum DeFi grows and altcoin produces new utilities.
-Chain Bridge for Maximum Interoperability Knit.Finance has created a proprietary bridge to move altcoins to the Ethereum network. This wrapped token is a unique form of synthetic asset backed 1: 1 by the altcoin represented

Take advantage of the Physical World with Digital Assets Knit. Finance provides synthetic assets for exposure to physical world assets, providing new opportunities for portfolio diversification within Ethereum DeFi. Knit supports commodities, equities, and fiat.


1. Each Coin

For each coin hawker, we provide the option to trade and utilize their coins in the DeFi room. Coins (Example: LTC) that were previously outside DeFi’s coverage will now have full access to all DeFi features.

2. Flexibility of ERC-20 standard

The ERC-20 standard is known to be flexible, having the highest transferability and accessibility with the second largest blockchain network in the world. Every coin now has the opportunity to take advantage of Ethereum’s flexibility.

3. Global Liquidity Pool

The global liquidity pool is open for Ethereum and vice versa.

4. Read-World Assets

Stocks, Gold, and Fiat can be synthesized for trading on Decentralized Exchanges, which essentially decentralize centralized assets, giving more power to traders.

5. Driven by the Community

100% of the management of these tokens will be done through the community.


DAPPs can now access tokens in other blockchains simply by using their Ethereum nodes via KNIT synthetic tokens. They can also accept payments in these tokens.

Why Choose KNIT Finance?

Lend, Trade, and Yield Farm with Any Assets

Knit.Finance creates incredible opportunities for altcoin and Ethereum DeFi. The protocol incorporates new assets into the highly liquid Ethereum network and allows them to be connected to existing revenue generation opportunities.

Cross -Chain Bridges for Maximum Interoperability

Knit.Finance has created a proprietary bridge to transfer altcoins to the Ethereum network. This wrapped token is a unique form of synthetic asset backed 1: 1 by the altcoin represented.

Take advantage of the Physical World with Digital Assets

Knit.Finance provides synthetic assets for exposure to physical world assets, providing new opportunities for portfolio diversification within Ethereum DeFi. Knit supports commodities, equities, and fiat.

Token economics and token usage


Knit.Finance stands at the forefront of interoperability by allowing altcoins to be transferred to Ethereum DeFi in a single UI.

Pay the fee

Knit.Finance makes equities, commodities, and fiat accessible in Ethereum DeFi, allowing greater asset exposure to the crypto community.

Protocol management

Knit.Finance makes equities, commodities, and fiat accessible in Ethereum DeFi, allowing greater asset exposure to the crypto community.

So I have introduced the most common way about this project, all the necessary information is complete in the article. Knowing that KNIT FINANCE is a great thing, this project has many interesting points and I think their product will definitely be well received by users. In addition, the partnership with KNIT FINANCE is also very good, KNIT FINANCE runs many programs to promote themselves and nothing that promotes better than themselves should be a very good and potential project and I found that KNIT FINANCE. Hopefully in the future KNIT FINANCE will publish more information related to tokens, I am very sure that many people are looking forward to it.

For more information and resources on Knit Finance, visit:


 DigitalFlyerTM: South Africa’s Most Affordable Business Services Platform Introduces Business Tokens

The CBT Business and Marketing Platform is not just something that will be done in the future but is an extension of the existing and evolving business platform. CBT is not a concept planned for the future, but a living and thriving community infrastructure.

CBC was established to further expand our comprehensive business platform, DigitalFlyer. We add our own digital currency to our platform for you, our client, to grow your existing business by minimizing your expenses and maximizing your profits and capital expenditures while being a business member and CBC holder.

Registered CBC members will have their own secured Backoffice with 2 -way factor authentication. From Backoffice, registered members will:Always update their personal informationBuy a CBC packageTrack their own referralsTrack CBC growth and their cash paymentsStay up-to-date with the latest press releases and updates

DigitalFlyer Overview:

First, it is important to understand the DigitalFlyer business offering in order to appreciate its value as the vehicle of choice for the Early Community Business Coin Offering. Digital marketing is the most powerful marketing platform in the history of our planet. We have access to about 3.5 billion users through smart devices, allowing you to sell anything to anyone. The trick is for you and your customers to find each other. Digital marketing allows you to start or grow a business more easily than ever before.

DigitalFlyer is a business-to-customer (B2C), as well as business-to-business (B2B) platform focused on serving small to medium-sized businesses, connecting customers to the service provider or product of their choice. DigitalFlyer is an established and growing business services and marketing platform.

You start your business to make more money. You want to do what you love and profit from it. To do that, you need time available to you to generate more business and more profits, not to spend time and most of your budget on administration, invoicing, marketing, social media, and websites. We have created, grown and developed, a toolkit that does all that for only R600.00 ($ 40) a year. By joining our network and community, we multiply your R600.00 ($ 40) value many times over. DigitalFlyer is not an intermediary, but an enabler and a connector.DigitalFlyer charges an annual business membership fee of R600.00 ($ 40) for the following services we call business modules:Business and Marketing Platform

Your business profile can be found through web search on our web platforms and applications.

Other modules that will be available as a separate list of add-ons that keep adding to your directory are:Recruiting is easy on our Job Seekers and Employer platformsOutsourcing platform for specific contractors, such as developersUsed car sales departmentReal estate section

Complete eCommerce module

We give you the option to integrate with one or all of the online payments merchant accounts below. This allows you to get paid without the commission charged by DigitalFlyer for each sale. All commissions will be charged in accordance with the contract with the respective payment merchant. We’ll always research the most appropriate payment gateway and continue to add more options.Sage Pay (Enabled) – DigitalFlyer is the only platform that enables multi -Sage Pay account integration, which means each member of our business can integrate their own Sage Pay account into their DigitalFlyer profile, and get paid instantly.Chips Money Manager (Under Review)K-Merchant (Under review)PayFast (Under review)PayPal (Under review)

Event Management Module

Any business member or user can use the Event List module to create a list of upcoming events for free. Business members can use a complete event management system to sell tickets, add merchandise, and manage event ticket sales.

Appointment Booking Module

All business members can use the booking system to manage their appointments. These plug-ins are designed for service-based businesses, such as hairdressers, massage therapists, real estate agents looking around homes, or other services that book special time slots for customers. Customers can book their desired time slots and even pay a deposit if required. Both customers and business members will be able to track and change their appointments.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

All business members will be able to manage their customer relationships and track the status of their sales and prospects through the CRM module.

Email Marketing

Email channels – Business members have the option to create multiple channel mail and run those channels at their leisure. This platform will enable the POPI Act, and each member will have the ability to create their own email list.

Social Media Module

All business members will be able to integrate major social media platforms into their marketing strategies and publish articles, messages, services, or products from a centralized dashboard to all social media platforms of their choice. This module will also be able to track the success of marketing campaigns, allowing our business members to customize their marketing campaigns to maximize customer reach.

Accounting Module

All business members will be able to access basic accounting functionality in our system. Included will be the ability to act and record the following information quickly:QuotesInvoicePurchase orderSlip ManagementVAT managementReportingBank Reconciliation

Stock Management Module

All business members will be able to manage their stock directly from their dashboard. The stock level can be adjusted with automatic ordering settings and an early warning system when the stock level is low. This plug-in will be fully integrated into the eCommerce module.

Human Resources Module

Business members will be able to manage all employee records from their dashboard, advertise available positions and publish basic job requirements.

Legal Contract Module and Administrative Manager

Business members will have a fully integrated legal file system to store, secure and manage all contracts and legal advice.

Public users, ie customers will benefit from the following for free:A personalized dashboard that offers functionality such as:Favorite listList of transactionsAppointment calendarPersonal and family shopping lists (shared and accessible from multiple devices)Vacation planning chartPersonalized communication preferences, such as custom or location notificationsReward point tracking and management plug-ins

The DigitalFlyer platform is adaptable and constantly evolving as we receive feedback from business members and their customers. It is with this production and exchange community that we have decided to grow the platform’s ability to create wealth and opportunity for our members and their customers. We invite you to continue reading as we introduce you to our Community Business Coins.

User Interface and Communication

DigitalFlyer business members will manage and organize their tasks through a web interface available in all major web browsers. Basic tasks and communication will be done through the application interface.

Public user functionality will be available through the web interface and applications. The application interface has been built in React Native for the fastest operation and integration of the mobile OS. This app is available in the iOS and Android stores.

All communications will be done digitally, utilizing blog posts, through members’ back office which will allow business members and users to get our latest news. Our own integrated chat module will provide a real -time support platform where we can quickly respond to requests from business members and users. Social media platforms will be used to communicate news and public updates. The goal of all our communication channels is to maximize efficiency and minimize costs for our business model. The ongoing acquisition concerns will add further market value growth to DigitalFlyer, resulting in increased value of CBC, which is linked as a coin that can be traded between DigitalFlyer business members and clients.


DigitalFlyer is the market leader in digital marketing and business support. The team strives to provide high quality services to businesses and their clients by streamlining the process of connecting businesses to clients and clients to businesses. DigitalFlyer sources and provides the best business support partners, accounting systems and support services. We can offer this at an affordable price because we already have an active and operational platform, delivering quality and focusing on quantity.

Now, DigitalFlyer has gone a step further by introducing our Community Business Coin and Initial Coin Offering. We create a space where our business members and their customers can generate wealth by participating and trading with CBC on our existing platform. We invite you to participate in our CBC ICO during our 12 -month cycle and reap the potential benefits of the 3000% growth estimate on your initial purchase or the value of your CBC at the end of the ICO. In addition, you can’t just increase your CBC share by referring customers, business partners, and friends. Our shared goal is more business, more profits and an increase in ultimate wealth, transforming individual businesses and one person showing up to a prosperous and independent community.

Our initial Community Business Token coin offering offers the following five packages, the ICO CBT rate is calculated at $ 0.003 per CBT:

First stage:  25%

Level 2:  15%

Level 3:  7.50%

Final stage:  3%

As the number of investors, business members and users registered on the DigitalFlyer platform increases, the value of CBT will also increase. Increased CBT acquisitions and exchanges result in the eventual production and allocation of bonuses and cash incentives.

Pre-ICO:  23 February 2020-29 February 2020

ICO:  1 March 2020-28 February 2021

CBT properties

Coin name:  Community Business Token

Currency Symbol:  CBT

Pre-ICO sales bonus:  40% will be allocated between 23 February 2020 and 29 February 2020

CBT ICO price:  1 CBT = $ 0.003

Maximum CBT available:  70 Billion

Maximum CBT for sale:  50 Billion

Bonuses will be given as follows:

Pre -ICO – 23–29 February 2020–40%


Phase 1–1 March 2020–31 May 2020: 25%

Phase 2–1 June 2020–31 August 2020: 15%

Phase 3–1 September 2020–31 November 2020: 7.5%

Phase 4–1 December 2020–28 February 2021: 3%

Community Business Tokens sold during the ICO will be immediately allocated to the member’s Backoffice.

Incentive bonus

During the ICO, there will be an incentive bonus for DigitalFlyer members who are the first buyers of CBT packages. Incentive bonuses will also be paid in CBT to the member’s Backoffice.

Incentive bonuses will be given as follows:

Registered DigitalFlyer Users: 2%

Active DigitalFlyer Business Members: 5%

The referral bonus will be allocated as follows, for the 4 stages of the ICO:

Phases 1–1 March – 31 May 2020

Bronze:  2% – 5%

Silver:  4% – 7%

Gold:  6% – 10%

VIP:  8% – 12%

Elite:  15% – 20%

Phase 2–1 June – 31 August 2020

Bronze:  1% – 3%

Silver:  3% – 5%

Gold:  5% – 7%

VIP:  7% – 9%

Elite:  15% – 20%

Stage 3–1 Sep – 31 Nov 2020

Bronze:  0% – 1%

Silver:  1% – 3%

Gold:  3% – 5%

VIP:  4% – 7%

Elite:  10% – 15%

Phase 4–1 Dec 2020–28 Feb ’21

Bronze:  0% – 0%

Silver:  0% – 2%

Gold:  1% – 3%

VIP:  3% – 5%

Elite:  10% – 10%

Coins and cash allocation will only be given after the purchase transaction in question is successful. Cash allocation can be used to purchase more packages or improve the status of your current package or be paid in cash.

Road map





DigitalFlyer is the market leader in digital marketing and business support. The team strives to provide high quality services to businesses and their clients by streamlining the process of connecting businesses to clients and clients to businesses. DigitalFlyer sources and provides the best business support partners, accounting systems and support services. We can offer this at an affordable price because we already have an active and operational platform, delivering quality and focusing on quantity.






by Landungsarie

link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3166153


 BucksCake Financial Company

Hollo, friends meet me again Tuyanto. On this occasion, I will tell you about the arrival of this extraordinary project, my friends, and this project will provide a solution for all of us friends. And in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, friends, not all business sectors have been affected by friends, but some are increasingly showing an increase in terms of income. One of them is the DeFi project. This project was developed in 2019.

This can be done by DeFi because the smart contract technology behind it allows developers to build functionality that is much more sophisticated than simply sending or receiving digital currency.

DeFi can be a global alternative to any financial service in use today. For example, savings, loans, trade, insurance and others can be accessed by anyone in the world only by using a smartphone and an internet connection. And to see a clearer explanation, please contact this website:   https://buckscake.com/   or you can immediately join this amazing project below:


About the BucksCake Project?

BKC is a DeFi protocol that aims to provide maximum drawback to the Ethereum ecosystem for everyone with access to the internet. BKC is unique in that it provides a completely secure and transparent experience as evidenced by smart contracts and a strong token system. BKC offers many services, ranging from staking and agricultural produce, which can be accessed by users on the unified BucksCake platform.

BucksCake Features:


Users are interested in placing their tokens with Uniswap liquidity provider. Commissions from these tokens are processed. This commission percentage is distributed according to an autonomous strategy, such as the liquidity of LP tokens, and is converted into a buyback (ETH-BKC) (increasing the price). Every BKC token purchased will be sent to the staker / farmer.


BKC has a strong impact on every token. Every time BKC tokens are transferred, a small commission is charged directly by the farmers. This mechanism of action promotes maintenance and agriculture. The maximum number of BKC tokens is 450,000 units. And there will never be more of them.


BKC holders will be able to vote on various proposals as long as they stake liquidity in the pool. The community will decide everything from developer fees and site design to access to certain farming options.


The initial BKC will be distributed during the pre-sale event, where a portion of the ETH received will be exchanged for the BKC that delivers its first “price pump” project. After the pre-sale ends, unsold BKCs will be distributed among users as a one-time subsidy. As indicated earlier, BKC has no mining capability, the BKC limit (450,000) is fixed forever. There’s no way to release more BKCs. The part of the unsold BKC will be used to add liquidity to other DEX platforms such as SushiSwap, and some of this will be distributed as an Airdrop to the first investors and media partners and some will be burned.


The BKC staking protocol allows users to stake ETH, USDT, DAI, USDC, WBTC, BNB (ERC20) and of course BKC using a special Staking DApp. With a 72 hour lockout period, users can immediately control their own tokens. The BKC Staking DApp can be found at: ssilka Unlike other platforms, BKC offers a fixed% return on their staked assets rather than offering an introductory high APR, which usually diminishes over a period of time. Our cuts ensure long-term stability with the current state of the token structure and a limited amount of 450,000 BKC as there are no mint terms in our token contracts.

Staking on our platform is designed to be as fast and easy as possible. With a single lockout period of 72 hours, users can enjoy the benefits of staking on our platform. Users can withdraw their funds at any time after the end of the lockout period. The prizes earned can be collected without any commission, excluding current gas prices. The token staked on our platform will reduce the available circulating supply, which will have a positive impact on the BKC price.

Agricultural produce

Yield Farming, or as some call it Liquidity Mining, is a major pillar of DeFi’s advancement in the blockchain space. Yield Farming is a way to collect income from invested funds. BKC Farming allows you to get rewarded for providing liquidity across multiple liquidity pools. Users will be given a guaranteed payment of the Uniswap commission. The amount of the prize depends on the number of tokens provided for pool liquidity. The more members who join the base, the less each member will receive in the long run. When you add liquidity to the pool, you receive UNIv2 tokens (BKC-ETH) for the wallet you use to add liquidity. This token is your access to the current farm pool on the BKC platform.

Vault Returns

User Section A: (UNI-V2 is kept by you, I contract the total balance of UNI-V2) For example if there are 9,000 UNI-V2 (BKC / ETH) tokens collected in this Vault, and the user deposits 1000 UNI-V2. The total balance of token contracts collected by UNI-V2 (BKC-ETH) is 10,000. And User A’s share now is: 1000 / 10,000 = 10% If user “B” deposits another 10,000 UNI-V2 (BKC-ETH) Tokens collected into this vault, the total contract balance of the UNI-V2 (BKC-ETH) Token which is collected to 20,000. User A’s new share becomes: 1000 / 20,000 = 5% If 200 BETH2 tokens are distributed to this vault per month, User A’s earnings will be 200 x his share in% In the 5% share, his earnings will be 200 x 5% = 10 BETH2

Token BKC

BKC is an ERC20 token and is used in every service available at BucksCake. The maximum supply is 450,000 BKC tokens. Tokens are deflational and the burning mechanism will destroy tokens that are being farmed and staked after a while, leaving the last token amount (450,000-90,000) of tokens. In total, up to 90,000 tokens will be removed from the ecosystem and reports will be published in our community.

Token BKC

BKC is an ERC20 token and is used in every service available at BucksCake. The maximum supply is 450,000 BKC tokens. Tokens are deflational and the burning mechanism will destroy tokens that are being farmed and staked after a while, leaving the last token amount (450,000-90,000) of tokens. In total, up to 90,000 tokens will be removed from the ecosystem and reports will be published in our community.

Token BKC

Token Allocation

  • Pre-employment: BKC 94,500 – 21%
  • Community: 135,000 BKC – 30%
  • Taruhan: 90,000 BKC – 20%
  • Key Liquidity: 90,000 BKC – 20%
  • Pemasaran: 9,000 BKC – 2%
  • Team: 22,500 BKC – 5%
  • Cadangan: 9,000 BKC – 2%

Stable Profit Cloud Mining

Over the past year, miners’ income has grown significantly. Our platform allows you to benefit from mining without additional equipment.

To start earning you will need:




Three Packages Available.


You Can Take Your Profits Whatever You Want.

Buckscake Road Map

  • Pre-sale of BKC creations
  • Launch of Staking and Farming Pool
  • The Key to Marketing Liquidity
  • Register on the Exchange
  • Cloud Mining Launch
  • Marketing
  • Audit
  • Bet ETH 2.0
  • BKC Burn & Buyback
  • Audit
  • New Partnership
  • Electronic commerce
  • Agricultural Expansion
  • Partners / Marketing
  • Out of range
  • Concept Ideas / Projects
  • Product Research
  • Audit

Vital Records


  • Don’t lose the chance to buy BKC in the first round!
  • 1st Round price is 2 USDT – 12th Round price is 20 USDT.
  • The Exchange will list the price after the Pre-sale and nothing less.
  • Only 94,500 BKCs will be sold.

For more information, link to the BucksCake projectWebsite: https://buckscake.com/Bot Telegram: https://t.me/buckscake_botTwitter: https://twitter.com/bucks_cakeTelegram Hub: https://t.me/BucksCakeHubby Landungsarielink https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3166153



About DIFX

DIFX is a blockchain -based exchange platform that can benefit millions of financially marginalized individuals who use digital currency because of its ease of use. This unique and powerful ecosystem attempts to redefine the global online trading environment, and this innovative platform provides many exclusive functions that are not inferior to other portals, such as:

1. Exchange,
2. Wallet Service.
3. Aser Lintas Platform

By using the DIFX Exchange, you can trade in all asset groups such as cryptocurrency, Forex, commodities, and stock futures with swap derivatives to hold your profits in Cryptocurrency or Fiat.

The main goal of DIFX is to build a hybrid version of centralized and decentralized commerce that combines atomic transactions with the power of blockchain technology by providing a forum for all users (merchants, customers, businesses, etc.) to eliminate this problem.

DIFX safety and security

The DIFX Ecosystem provides an all-in-one platform for the Digital Currency Ecosystem to exchange, save, and bet. This means that the DIFX exchange is fully decentralized and stable. In addition, all transfers for participants can be made from their wallets to the appropriate wallets of the users involved in the transaction. And it is also necessary to keep the user’s private key carefully to prevent unnecessary things.

DIFX.gif Platform Features


Blockchain is rated as one of the top 5 innovations by the World Economic Forum in 2019 and is expected to bring in 10% of global gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025.

With that in mind, DIFX has been developed as a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange network that will introduce a substantial and permanent increase in the trade of financial goods. It will then build the first true cross-asset blockchain-based trading network that will connect individuals, major traders, companies and also solve real-world financial problems by offering fast, reliable, secure payments, and cross-border trading strategies.

DIFX Ecosystem.jpg

WHY DIFFERENTBlockchain is ranked one of the top 5 emerging technologies in 2019 by the World Economic Forum and is speculated to hold 10% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025.
With this in mind, DIFX was created as a blockchain -based cryptocurrency exchange platform that will bring significant and long -lasting changes to the trading of financial products. After that, create the first cross -asset blockchain -based trading network that will connect individuals, major brokers, companies and also solve real -world payment problems by providing simple, effective, secure payments and cross -border trading solutions.MISSION DIFXDIFX’s mission is to create a secure and hybrid working model of centralized & decentralized exchange that combines atomic exchange with the power of Blockchain technology.VISION DIFX
We want to create a new financial order, where Digital Currency is used for direct settlement between payers and recipients. Our platform will help millions of individuals who do not have a bank account use digital currency because of its ease of use.We will leverage blockchain technology to make remittance services accessible and to add value to our customers for the profitable use of digital assets.We will reduce completion time and provide efficiency when exchanging along with unalterable ledger records and a high -security transaction network.
DIFX is the first blockchain -based real cross -asset trading platform. This unique comprehensive ecosystem is redefining the global online commerce landscape. The DIFX ecosystem offers three dimensions: EXCHANGE, WALLET SERVICE & TRAFFIC ASSET TRADING.
The following are the variants that can be traded across the various asset classes deployed in the decentralized platform created by DIFX:Crypto to CryptoCrypto to ForexCrypto for CommoditiesCrypto to CFD StocksCrypto to Index2. CRYPTO EXCHANGE
Our crypto currency exchange features a unique token betting mechanism and a powerful trading UI.IEO supportLow trade costsBonuses & discounts for DIFX holdersCrowd funding platformReferences3. BE A MERCHANT
The first cross-asset exchange by DIFX will bring significant and long-lasting changes to the trading of financial products. All DIFX products and services can be purchased with DIFX tokens. The contemporary methodology of marketing Products / Services / Cryptocurrency is through Digital media.
Technical functionality of DIFX Multi-Currency Wallet:Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many moreThe system automatically generates overall statisticsAccount balances are displayed in USD, Euros, or Yuan DollarsECOSYSTEM
DIFX Ecosystem Offers an all-in-one solution for the Digital Currency Ecosystem
Made to Trade, Invest, and Risk
DIFX Token The DIFX token
is a utility token created in the ERC20 Ethereum blockchain. Utility tokens are tokens intended to provide digital access to an application or service through a blockchain -based infrastructure. DIFX enables instant transfers while providing special values ​​and discounts to DIFX users. Key features include:ERC-20-based tokens are used in the DIFX EcosystemFuture plans to build a native blockchain platformThis will empower DIFX services and products in the futureFaster transaction timeFaster payment completion 
Tokenomics Symbol   : DIFXTotal supply: 550 Million TokensSoft Cap: Rp 13.2 Million Hard Cap: Rp 50.94 MillionAcceptable payment options: BTC, ETH, USDT TOKEN DETAILS

ROAD MAPConclusionThe DIFX ecosystem is under development and may undergo significant changes and corrections in terms of technical operations until platform development is fully completed. The effectiveness of DIFX ecosystem development is highly dependent on the number of DIFX tokens sold. Poor token sales results can lead to a lack of the resource base needed for the full development of the ecosystem. If the project team does not collect the amount required for product development (soft cap), all funds collected will be returned to investors, minus the commission for the transaction. ADVISORY BOARDTIM INTI INFORMATION:Website:    https://difx.io/Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/difxexchange/Twitter:   https://twitter.com/difx_i0Linkedin:    https://www.linkedin.com/company/difx-io/Instagram:    https://www.instagram.com/difx.io/Reddit:    https://www.reddit.com/user/DIFX_Dispute:    https://discord.gg/sxNPEXHUTelegram:   https://t.me/difx1by Landungsarielink https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3166153





Aurix was founded in 2016 by Majed Mohsen – a computer engineer with extensive experience in trading and coding. It has a strong relevant background and several successful technology startups – Majed has developed different solutions for different industries, from e -commerce to consumer electronics. In other words, Aurix is ​​built by professionals and cares deeply about you.

Trade is a commercial center where shelters, goods, subordinates, and other monetary instruments are exchanged. The capacity of the trade center is to guarantee a fair and accurate exchange as well as effective dissemination of value data for the protection of whatever is exchanged on that trade. Trade gives organizations, governments, and meetings different stages of offering protection to the contributing public.

Aurix is ​​a comprehensive digital money biological system that offers a proficient exchange experience to a variety of traders. We continue to falsify and improve answers for our clients. So, we will send you an Aurix Chain that will power each of our answers. It itself disciplines the installment column and supports our exchanges and other Decentralized Financial Services (DeFi) items. Each of our administrations is supported by the use of DeFi cashback. That makes our monetary framework much more straightforward and tough. DeFi enables exchange completion independent of our organization’s activities and approvalsAurix Chain is an advanced blockchain innovation that will support all procedures in our foundation. Decentralized account engineering is a guarantee of client asset well -being, speed and security, all on par, and protection of client information. Aurix Chain is a powerful reason for all the administration we offer our customers: it controls trade, empowers Cashback rewards, guarantees consistent installments, and a shopping experience. Exclusive innovation is a major serious strength of our answer, and we place the greatest attention on its reliability and adherence to the best global security guidelines.

Our mission is to create the most transparent, secure and reliable hybrid exchanges so that crypto traders can trade peacefully while we do business. We have carefully designed products that meet all your trading needs and give you the most advanced trading experience in the most intuitive way. We don’t want to limit ourselves to just sharing, with your support, we want to contribute to this ecosystem, support technology -driven ICOs, support blockchain entrepreneurs, and build solutions that will drive the digital economy of the future. We believe this can be realized if we work together and work with governments to improve their implementation in real life. We will always comply with government rules and regulations in the countries in which we operate.


To realize this vision, we are doing everything we can to redefine the way cryptocurrencies are moved, spent, and invested. We have developed high -tech solutions that allow people and organizations to use cryptocurrency as easily as using fiat. Therefore, we hope to attract more newcomers and encourage them to switch to simpler and more useful cryptocurrency services.


Low liquidity and speed of transactions

High or hidden commissions

Inherent complexity

Insecurity and unreliability


To make the world of cryptocurrency more transparent and useful.

Give people easy access to cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and many other practical technology solutions.

Improving the replacement of the traditional banking system with decentralized finance.


 THIS QUESTION: The Aurix Exchange offers the highest liquidity with fast transaction execution, where owners can buy and sell as many coins as possible

as much as they want in less than a second.

We build our solutions based on customer development research so that everything has an intuitive design with a user interface.

All Aurix products have low pre -determined commissions, so there are no hidden costs. Finally, Aurix is ​​built with respect for high security standards.

Aurix is ​​based on the blockchain, which keeps transactions safe, secure, and autonomous.


IEO Platform: ExMarkets LaunchPad

EMI Opening Date: January 21, 2021. 12:00 (UTC)

IEO Closing Date: March 4, 2021 1:59 AM (UTC)

Country of origin: Estonia


Aurix Token (AUR) is a utility token that has several features above and above simple payment functionality. AUR empowers the Aurix ecosystem as a whole, providing specific benefits to users such as reduced costs on the platform.

The AUR Token issue is limited to 20 million units. It currently runs on the ERC-20, but will later operate on the Aurix Chain.

  • Token name: Aurix
  • Token Class: Utility Token
  • Ticker token: AUR
  • Publisher entity: AUR protocol lab
  • Total token supply: 20, 000, 000 AUR


Since Aurix was founded in 2016, we have not lost a single minute in vain. We keep getting new ideas and solutions, perfecting them over months so we can show them off at the first start with all their might.

Our journey began four years ago, but we continue to gain momentum. So far, we have Aurix Exchange working and Aurix applications ready to launch. During 2017-2019, we have been working closely on Aurix Chain, and finally, we will be ready to introduce it.


Aurix was founded by Majed Mohsen The concept of the Aurix token was introduced.


Work on Aurix Exchange begins Work on Aurix Chain begins.


The draft card appears.


Draft plugin developed Start working in Applications.


January – Launch of Aurix Exchange.

November – Aurix App OTC Trading Launch.

December – First Mastercard delivery.


January – Launch of DeFi Wallet.

March – Leverage Trading Announcement.

April – We launch the Aurix Payment Store Plugin.

May – Launch of the Pad platform.

June – Start of store plugin development.

July – Aurix Chain beta launches.


Dr. Besher Zeido: Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder (COO)

Bhavesh Deshmukh: Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Radu Stefan Mazare: Director of Marketing (CMO)

Elena Grasu: Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Attorney Gherlan Marius: Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

by Landungsarie

link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3166153


 CETO Review [Crystal Elephant Token]

Currently this platform is known for its transaction speed and agile CEO. Specifically, this platform is capable of performing 2000 transactions per second. This performance puts TRX on par with major payment processors such as PayPal. Best of all, TRON has no transaction fees.

Tron, as one of the most soaring cryptos, it has excellent potential to grow in the market. Tron was ranked 56th a few months ago, but has now secured 13th place according to CoinMarketCap. When Tron emerges from Ethereum, there is a good chance of reaching 0.4 USD in the next 5-8 months.

Trade TRX for tokens. The more TRXs in the contract, the more valuable your token. Pay your taxes (10% per transaction) and see the dividend flow as you Hold On for Dear Life. The key here is PATIENCE: there is a withdrawal penalty without it. After 30 days, you are entitled to extract 100% of your deposit. But before that? Learn to live more, less.

How It Works: 
The basic structure for a Crystal Elephant Token (CETO) contract will come from a well-reviewed and audited P3D open source contract – also known as a sandbox contract – with modifications made to encourage longevity. Tokenholders are encouraged to hold the token for 30 days + or experience a sliding penalty scale for initial withdrawal. Penalties are added to transaction costs and distributed to other token holders.

Convert Tron (TRX) for tokens that go up or down algorithmically with each sale. Ten percent of the funds from each transaction – deposited, withdrawn, or transferred – are taxed and distributed proportionally to all token holders as dividends. Penalties as high as 75% will be assessed for those who are attractive before 30 days.

Most sand hour contracts suffer from pump-and-dumps – users / early users enter early and withdraw their funds later at the same time – thus endangering their life cycle. CETO offers strength through consistency.

Convert TRX to CETO, which goes up and down the value of TRX with each purchase or sale of tokens.

Quite complicated and very math-based – be patient. Each token purchased goes up gradually more than the previous token. If our initial token price starts at 0.001 TRX, an increase of 0.0001 TRX increases for each additional token. 

The purchase of 5 CETO will look like this: 
● CETO1 = .001 / TRX

● CETO2 = .00110 / TRX

● CETO3 = .00120 / TRX

● CETO4 = .00130 / TRX

● CETO5 = .00140 / TRX

(minus 10% transaction fee)

● Total: 5 CETO = 0.054 TRX 

The same principle applies to the sale of CETO, only -0.0001 TRX for each additional token sold.

Each transaction (buy, sell, transfer to another token holder) is subject to a 10% tax, the proceeds of which are distributed to other CETO token holders as dividends. Your TRX exchange for CETO (principal) is given an incentive to bet on the smart contract platform for 30 days, collecting a dividend that is proportional to your percentage of the total token supply of all other transactions over time.

Dividends can be withdrawn at any time. Just like a P3D contract, the withdrawal of dividends is free of charge. However, if token holders want to consolidate their principal to receive a larger share of the dividend, they can reinvest their dividend into the contract (minus 10% transaction costs), thus setting an additional 30-day incentive to maintain the dividend amount in the contract.

Re-invest automatically! Just set it and forget it: Let the Forest do all the work. If you want to reinvest your dividends every 24 hours, just check the box, confirm, the contract will automatically reinvest all dividends in excess of 5 TRX transaction costs, and live your life! This unique feature makes it easier – and faster – than ever before to build your value in CETO contracts. Feel free to stop it at any time.

Transfers are treated the same as sales: early withdrawal fines apply, as do 10% transaction costs. Token transferred is treated as a new principle, and is subject to the same 30-day penalty system for recipients.

CETO even holds the future! Because CETO is a standard TRC-20 token, fellow Elephants can build their own forests using our unique token property, while also sharing and contributing to the collection of contract dividends. More dApps = more div. Your limitations are just your imagination!

Example 1 (no dividends, no contract growth, no currency fluctuations – EXCEPT): 
1. Day 1: 
● Exchange 100,000 TRX (current CETO price = 2.36 TRX) with 42,341 CETO.

● Balance: 42,341 CETO / 89,993 TRX (25% available for withdrawal = 10,585 CETO / 30,230 TRX)

2. Day 11: 
● Balance: 42,341 CETO / 89,993 TRX (50% available for withdrawal = 21,171 CETO / 50.479 TRX)

3. Day 21: 
● Balance: 42,341 CETO / 89,993 TRX (75% available for withdrawal = 31,756 CETO / 70.727 TRX)

4. Day 31: 
● Balance: 42,341 CETO / 90.976 TRX (100% available for withdrawal = 42,341 CETO / 90.976 TRX)

● Exchange 42,341 CETO for 90,976 TRX.

● Reduced transaction fee by 10%.

● Total: 81,878 TRX

Example 2 (without dividends, no contract growth, currency fluctuations – LESS POSSIBLE): 
1. Day 1: 
● Exchange 100,000 TRX (current CETO price = 2.36 TRX) with 42,341 CETO. TRX = $ 0.03 USD Initial value = $ 3000.

● Balance: 42,341 CETO / 89,993 TRX (25% available for withdrawal = 10,585 CETO / 30,230 TRX);

● Wallet value $ 2,700, withdrawal value $ 907.

2. Day 11: 
● Balance: 42,341 CETO / 89,993 TRX (50% available to withdraw = 21,171 CETO / 50,479 TRX), TRX = $ 0.0275 USD.

● Wallet value $ 2475, withdrawal value $ 1388.

3. Day 21: 
● Balance: 42,341 CETO / 89,993 TRX (75% available to withdraw = 31,756 CETO / 70,727 TRX), TRX = $ 0.033 USD.

● Wallet value $ 2,970, withdrawal value $ 2,334.

4. Day 31: 
● Balance: 42,341 CETO / 90.976 TRX (100% available for withdrawal = 42.341 CETO / 90.976 TRX), TRX = $ 0.0375 USD. Wallet value $ 3412, withdrawal value $ 3412.

● Convert 42,341 CETO to 90,976 TRX. Reduced transaction fee by 10%.

● Total: 81,878 TRX, $ 3070 

Example 3 (dividends, no withdrawals, contract growth, currency fluctuations – POSSIBILITY): 
1. Day 1: 
● Exchange 100,000 TRX (current CETO price = 2.36 TRX) for 42,341 CETO. Reduced transaction fee by 10%. TRX = $ 0.03 USD. Initial value = $ 3,000.

● Balance: 42,341 CETO / 91,606 TRX (25% available for withdrawal = 10,585 CETO / 30,772 TRX);

● Dividend Balance: 10,160 TRX. Wallet value $ 2,748, withdrawal value $ 923.

2. Day 11: 
● Assume a daily token dividend rate of 0.2% for 11,976 TRX. (current CETO price = 2.55 TRX)

● Balance: 42,341 CETO / 108.018 TRX (50% available for withdrawal = 21,171 CETO / 60.585 TRX)

● Dividend Balance: 11,976 TRX. TRX = $ 0.0275 USD. Wallet value $ 2971, dividend value $ 329, withdrawal value $ 1666.

3. Day 21: 
● Assume a daily token dividend rate of 0.2% for 14,117 TRX. (current CETO price = 3.01 TRX)

● Balance: 42,341 CETO / 127,368 TRX (75% available for withdrawal = 31,756 CETO / 100.090 TRX)

● Dividend Balance: 14,117 TRX. TRX = $ 0.033 USD. Wallet value $ 4,203, dividend value $ 466, withdrawal value $ 3303.

4. Day 31: 
● Assume a daily token dividend rate of 0.2% for 16,639 TRX. (current CETO price = 3.55 TRX)

● Balance: 42,341 CETO / 150.177 TRX (100% available for withdrawal = 42.341 CETO / 150.177 TRX)

● Dividend Balance: 16,639 CETO / XX TRX. TRX = $ 0.0375 USD. Wallet value $ 5,632, dividend value $ 624, withdrawal value $ 5,632.

● Convert 42,341 CETO + dividends with 166,816 TRX. Reduced transaction fee by 10%.

● Total Withdrawal: 166,816 TRX, $ 6,256

Example 4 (dividends, withdrawals, deposits, currency fluctuations – MAY): 
1. Day 1: 
● Convert 100,000 TRX (current CETO price = 2.36 TRX) to 42,341 CETO. Deducted transaction costs 10% + dividends reinvested. TRX = $ 0.03 USD. Initial value = $ 3,000.

● Balance: 44,426 CETO / 100.749 TRX (25% available for withdrawal = 11,107 CETO / 34,335 TRX);

● Dividend Balance: 1,005 TRX. Wallet value $ 3,023, withdrawal value $ 1030.

2. Day 12 (reinvested daily for 11 days): 
● Assume a daily token dividend rate of 0.2% for 269 TRX. (current CETO price = 2.8 TRX) Invest again 269 TRX. Reduced transaction fee by 10%.

● Balance: 45,148 CETO / 126,297 TRX (50% available for withdrawal = 22,574 CETO / 63,149 TRX).

● Dividend Balance: 0. TRX = $ 0.0275 USD. Wallet value $ 3473, dividend value $ 0, withdrawal value $ 1737.

3. Day 22 (daily reinvestment and daily withdrawal for 10 days): 
● Assume a daily token dividend rate of 0.2% for 295 TRX. (current CETO price = 3.35 TRX) Pull 295 TRX.

● Balance: 45,330 CETO / 151,878 TRX (75% of 33,998 CETO / 113,909 TRX available for withdrawal)

● Dividend Balance: 0. TRX = $ 0.033 USD. Wallet value $ 5012, dividend value $ 0, withdrawal value $ 3759, withdrawal $ 10

4. Day 31 (10 day daily withdrawal): 
● Assume a daily token dividend rate of 0.2% for 346 TRX. (current CETO price = 3.35 TRX) Draw 346 TRX.

● Balance: 45,330 CETO / 178,174 TRX (100% of 45,330 CETO / 180,823 TRX available for withdrawal)

● Dividend Balance: 0. TRX = $ 0.0375 USD. Wallet value $ 6,682, dividend value $ 0, withdrawal value $ 6,781, withdrawal $ 175.

● Convert 45,330 CETO to 180,823 TRX. Reduced transaction fee by 10%.

● Total Withdrawal: 162,741 TRX, $ 6,103

● Total Earnings: 167,400 TRX, $ 6,278 USD

Why not CETO?

The basic structure for a CETO contract comes from the well-proven open source Proof of Weak Hands 3D contract. P3D is a revolutionary economic model currently played on the Ethereum blockchain. P3D smart contracts have handled more than 581K ETH (~ $ 167 million USD an average of $ 287.95 USD / ETH) between February 16-December 29, 2019, with 58K ETH ($ 16.7 million) paid through smart contracts. Open source and peer-reviewed for security, P3D smart contracts handle everything automatically, without trust, without human intervention or manipulation: code is the law. 

● If necessary, create a Tronlink or other compatible web wallet

● Get TRX. If you need to use fiat-to-crypto exchange, we recommend Bittrex or Atomic Wallet

● Transfer TRX (or return your Tron wallet address) to your Tronlink wallet

● Create an account

● CETO contracts will be connected to your Tronlink wallet

● Exchange TRX for CETO

● Enjoy receiving dividends

● Create and share your referral links to earn more dividends

● Hold more than 100 CETO in your wallet and create your own custom referral link to share with others

● Sell CETO for TRX

● Withdraw TRX accumulation (including dividends) to Tronlink / web wallets

● Send TRX to external exchanges to trade in fiat currency

If you have come this far, help yourself. You are ready to enjoy one of the most innovative and proven economic models of decentralized applications with inherent sustainability. 

Remember: Elephants are smart. Redeeming before 30 days is stupid. Get your full value PLUS dividends – and stay on the go. 


● Website:  https  :   // crystalelel elephant.net/

● Telegram:   https://t.me/CETOofficial

● Official report:  https://crystalelelephant.net/whitepaper

● Twitter:   https://twitter.com/cetoken

● YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNRN6hw26z6TGWiZpAk5XXQ

by Pascal Struijk
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BNX FINEX – Global Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency is a new discovery in the 21st century, so it is not yet perfect.  That is why it is necessary to improve daily to expand your strengths and reduce your weaknesses.  Every project is born to be the best version of cryptocurrency.  So is    BNX Finex   For me,    BNX Finex   is one of the best projects in the cryptocurrency market that is worth investing and applying in my modern life.    Cryptocurrency system statement    Because cryptocurrency is one of the latest and greatest discoveries in modern life, it is not yet perfect.  There are still many problems that still prevent people from applying cryptocurrency in their lives.   Mention this issue: – It is very difficult to use this payment method.  The method is explained in many languages, so not everyone has a clear understanding of digital money and how to use it. – Systems designed to help users use digital currency are unreliable, extremely secure and not too fast to access.  Moreover, they become a burden for consumers.  If you have to send a certain amount of money to buy something unreliable, you will feel bad and do not want to spend money. – Transparency is one of the most important factors that users want to experience.  It is easy to access many large projects that are not transparent.  Their report number is not their statement. – The big problem with cryptocurrency is liquidity.  People usually lose control over everything in a currency due to lack of liquidity.   What will BNX Finex do with cryptocurrency issues?    BNX Finex   is a project created based on blockchain technology. Of course, BNX Finex will have many previous functions that reduce the shortcomings of the current cryptocurrency system. You can easily complete your payment with security and high speed.      Here are the benefits BNX Finex provides to users:   It is up to the speed of access.  A very sophisticated formula is applied to make BNX Finex, making it easier to perform digital exchange at high speed.  Time is an important element in life.  You can save your time while shortening your access time. – Lower transaction costs.  Without intermediaries between BNX Finex and users, such as banks or clearing institutions, costs will be minimal.  Also, it costs less if you want.  People like to save as much as they want to make more money. – Extions system has many digital currencies that can be traded.  This network allows users to maximize the profits of taking digital assets.  Token that can be traded for users increases every day.  There is a large network of cryptocurrency that can be traded in the Extons system. – BNX Finex cares about transparency and security.  That was greatly appreciated when the team published this platform to the cryptocurrency market.  This is also the most important strategy of BNXs team leaders. – The market can remain balanced because users can check the liquidity of money.  Users actively control money and transactions without restriction or difficulty.   The last advantage given by BNX is independence.  BNX Finex is not controlled by the government.  So that users can easily use this platform without having to worry about government issues.  Only the development team can make an impact on this brilliant project.   What about BNX TOKEN and why is BNX eligible for investment? preview not available   The BNX token is named BNX Finex.  BNX Finex is the strongest token in the cryptocurrency world because it makes TRC-20 tokens.This is not the end if we say it is the highest trusted token in the cryptocurrency system.

Mission from FINEX BNX Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. 
is to open the cryptocurrency market for everyone with a variety of exciting products and services. As a trusted company, we encourage the adoption of blockchain and offer a safe and easy way to participate in the future of the financial markets. The BNX Token blockchain platform is all designed with a series of unique features that make it exceptional for its users and crypto (digital) traders, etc.BNX FINEX is a sophisticated decentralized exchange in 4 key aspects:UsesPeaceCrosschainDappBnxfinex    offers investors a friendly and easy-to-use trading platform with a wide range of products programmed by Bnxfinex on various devices to help customers trade anytime, anywhere. Experts working with Bnxfinex have knowledge of the market, customer psychology, and are on a mission to bring Bnxfinex products to more than 100 countries around the world. Exchange, has a strong support team with many customers around the world.Coming to Bnxfinex, users will enjoy a simple and convenient payment method, providing an investment environment for all customers, from beginners to investment traders to experienced players. Stability is another reason for partner trust that during operations and expansion, Bnxfinex always attaches itself to customer value.

Business model

Supports a wide variety of cryptocurrenciesSignificant cryptocurrency collections and their exchange actions are accessible in trade. This administration is very large but very easy. Traders from all over the world will have the option to take advantage of the stage and become important for the possible development of biological systems. Major crypto resources have been recorded and the past is one way.

Best client experience

Convenient and smooth trading interface. It is very important to give the client the best exchange interaction while looking around. There are online client services every minute of every day for merchants to help. This will guarantee all exchange experiences.


Liquidity is also a major point overlooked by many trades. Without sufficient liquidity, the broker will not have the option to take advantage of the stage without problems. Liquidity will be delivered across 250 market boundaries with innovation and frontline foundations.


The multi-model structure will make the main thing possible and that is the pinnacle of security. With the best front and back plans as well as expanded plans to equip clients with stable business activities. Several layers of security have been actualized to prevent hacking and any field of execution.BNX FINEX Stock MarketTotal Supply for Savings: 3,000,000  
Total Supply Remaining: 2,586,144 Remaining  
Blocks: 13  
Initial Price: 1.1  
Target: 3,000,000  
BNX remaining to go to next block: 186,144  
Current Block Information  
Starting: $ 1.1  
Currently: 13856  
Blocks  BNX  Today: 3 
Current price: $ 1.1  
blocks Next price: $ 1.2  
block supply Next: BNX 600,000  
Completed: $ 1.20  
target: 200,000  
BNX BNX BNX Token was developed based on standard network owned Ethereum ERC20.Token Name:  BNX 
Token Symbol  : BNX  Total Volume: 12,000,000  BNX Tokens will be distributed to followers. Marketing: 2,000,000  Savings: 3,000,000  Community Funds: 3,000,000  Foundation Funds: 4,000,000

01-57-00-2b19061a7c77eadd723db5eab4ab80593332c161.pngConclusionBNX FINEX is one of the consequences of increasing blockchain innovation that has undergone great execution and phenomenal thinking that relies on a framework that legally opens the door for speculators to be more open to symbolic efforts.BNX is the most complete speculation environment working in Square. Being one of the key phases to be created, the organization needs to acknowledge and help speculators who are suffering from the financial shortcomings experienced by many people on the planet in the idea of ​​helping each other as businesses that can be traded by clients registered on this blockchain. .Some Important Goals of the BNX FINEX Stage This will be the second when most of the registered speculators or potential financiers who start their business at this stage will be fine.#BNX   #BNXFINEX    #Defi    #Crypto    #exchangeFor More Data Interface with BNX FINEX TradeWebsite:     https://bnxfinex.com/#/market/listWhitepaper:    https://drive.google.com/record/d/1QSehWFQgmvf3lDXwdGJVCKkBHA77Sxut/seeTelegram:    https://t.me/bnxfinexTwitter:    https://twitter.com/bnx_finexFacebook:    https://www.facebook.com/bnxfinexby kapakmerahlink https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2651673TQ4mRC9bdsgX5WD9bKh5MmLessG3Z7zJd9



 digital currency trading platform


 Who wouldn’t say that, and blockchain technology is gaining momentum day by day, impressing us with the application field. With that, there is no need to do any research, everything, so, it can be seen in the various ideas and projects that seek to realize this potential in certain areas of our lives. However, projects related to the cryptocurrency exchange market to Fiat and vice versa, still remain the majority. And all because the topic of high quality crypto transfer is still very relevant and in demand all over the world.

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market is now making it somewhat out of place in the best light, the technological tools are still evolving. Show us new solutions, existing networks, and new approaches for various standard interaction conditions.

In addition, they do not know exactly how to get this asset, where it is best to keep it and much more. That together leads to one big question mark, how to learn and attract an active audience in this market segment, as well as showing them the best quality of all available cryptocurrency exchanges. With such a request he started his journey, a new cryptocurrency platform called – #ASLAdex

About the project

#ASLAdex is a decentralized digital currency trading platform. Such exchanges include trading one digital money for another, buying and selling coins, and trading cash into crypto. It’s like remote trading, where fiat monetary standards from around the world are exchanged 24 hours a day. The amount of cryptographic money has exploded in recent years and evaluations recommend that there are over 2,000 present today. Many of these coins must be obtained using significant digital currencies, for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum. In line with this, you may need to make an exchange if you need to add an initial coin contribution (ICO,), or take advantage of the administration of a blockchain organization.

One of the advantages of crypto exchanges is that you can enter without mining the coins yourself – a procedure that requires investment, vitality, special abilities and a lot of great processing power. Important to the intrigue and usability of Bitcoin and various other forms of digital money is the innovation of blockchain, which is used to store online records of a large number of exchanges that have been led, in this way providing an information structure for these records that is highly secure and shared and equipped by all hub systems. individually, or the PC keeps duplicate records. Every new box made must be inspected by each hub before it is confirmed, making it practically difficult to produce chronic swaps.

ASLA is a decentralized exchange stage based on blockchain and smart agreements. All stages are driven by their local token which is called ASLA token. The token holder will win day by day profit from the stage turnover. The main difference from the ASLA project is its adaptability. The stage is being set up in a way that is as attractive and beneficial to beginners as it is to specialists in the crypto exchange space. The stage has a multi-faceted perspective with four items. It combines, ASLAtrade, ASLAdex, ASLAgames, and ASLAmessenger.

ASLAtrade products

The ASLA platform is equipped with two very basic and open crypto tools, making it the ideal open door for beginners and non-beginners alike. However, it also encourages exchange functions which are also associated with specialist exchanges. Holding companies with extraordinary agreements, ASLAtrade also offers first-rate information guarantees.

Apart from that, this project also has excellent hazard reduction techniques. Every one a client needs to do when trading on ASLAtrade is to place a bet – high or low, and after that just sit tight for the result.

ASLAgames. Blockchain games are a hot pattern in today’s computer game room. The idea is fun, safe and rewarding. ASLAproject ASLAgames game stage is very easy to use. You just have to join and play various games that can be accessed. When you play on the network, ASLAgames provides you with valuable benefits. Before the year ends, ASLA will include games such as billiards, chess, solitaire, durak, lotto, and many more.

ASLAdex. is a decentralized stage of computerized money exchange that supports ASLAtrade. While it offers fast and top-of-the-line security, it generously undoes exchange procedures via an easy-to-use interface. Apart from that, ASLAdex is also very good for hoarding computerized resources.

The platform recently completed an organization with unmistakable names in the crypto space including TRON, TRXplorer, Wist Company, and PoliniDex. Recently, he signed an association agreement with an online shop called Boxgadget. With this, clients will have the option to purchase from Boxgadget using TRX and ASLA coins. Most would agree that this organization is a significant advance in driving acceptance of standard crypto.

we are currently completing the main phase of the stage progress and will begin to expand its use.

Download and install it on your mobile device


ttps: //apps.apple.com/ru/app/tokenpocket/id1436028697

Download and introduce one of the TRON wallets recommended by TronWallet or Tronlink by utilizing the connection below. Currently, portable versions of the TronLink and TronWallet wallets are accessible, as do the workspace of adding TronWallet and TronLink to the Google Chrome internet browser.

It is no secret that one of the most important conditions for a good exchange is a trading system, without which, in principle, it is impossible to implement half the standard functions. In addition, ASLA has surpassed all its competitors and features a sophisticated interface, thanks to traders who can finally manage the trading process, as well as market volume without exceeding their physical and mental abilities.

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Taking all of the above into account, in the end I just wanted to add one thing. The ASLA platform is a very interesting manifestation of many non-standard ideas, applications that are ready to revolutionize the entire crypto-eye space. And qualitative revolution, improved many distinctive functions, and familiar with all tools. While broadcasting a new look at an established approach.

But to be, as they say, on the same wave of extraordinary progress and ideas, you need to get acquainted with the ASLA project in more detail.

To do this, I have specially prepared all the necessary official and social resources from the project. You will find a lot of useful information, which unfortunately I did not even have time to mention.



Exchanging Tokens has become an Exchange for exchange trading Polondiex These Tokens are made on the Tron blockchain

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This is a reliable project with excellent characteristics and unique ideas. This is a great project. I really appreciate this. I really hope for success. #ASLA  #ASLAgame  #ASLAtrade  #poloniex  #cryptocurrency  #tokens  #binance  #yobit  #trading  #gaming


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Official website –   https://aslaproject.com/?lang=en

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