Iris Arc

Energy-Saving Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Mining Using Iris Hydrogen Arc Technology

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The Iiris Hydrogen Arc Ecosystem is the first mining project in the world to protect the environment through a unique energy concept, making bitcoin mining not only very profitable, but also environmentally friendly through the use of innovative technology, utilizing the forces of nature.
Arc Iris aims to carry out the next generation integrated project for sophisticated cryptocurrency mining which is carried out in an environmentally responsible manner. This will provide a safe long-term investment with reverse cryptocurrency exposure, but safe against cryptocurrency volatility by ensuring the lowest operating costs. This project envisages utilizing Hydrogen technology to power cryptocurrency miners. We create cost-efficient and efficient cryptocurrency mining facilities with a strong infrastructure backbone. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining will be powered by Hydrogen energy with best and sustainable practices.
The cryptocurrency mining industry has been revolutionary and extraordinary in its formation years since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. Mining can be done using a variety of processing equipment depending on the type of currency and mining algorithm and the protocol they follow. Bitcoin requires very powerful equipment such as ASIC devices that can produce enough processing power to mine it profitably. However, each type of cryptocurrency mining requires large processing power, and the utilization of large amounts of energy simultaneously.

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Industry and Market Overview The
cryptocurrency mining industry has been revolutionary and remarkable in its formation years since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. As the mining industry moves towards its maturity phase, its future looks bright and filled with extraordinary developments. However, operating costs, especially energy consumption, are a key consideration for the entire cryptocurrency mining industry.

Using our unique, Smart Mining Cloud Facility That Is Cost Effective And No Threat To Our Environment! Join Us Today And Get Started With Free Power Hashes!
Industry and Market Overview The
cryptocurrency mining industry has been revolutionary and remarkable in its formation years since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. As the mining industry moves towards the maturity phase, its future looks bright and full of extraordinary developments. However, operating costs, especially energy consumption, are a key consideration for the entire cryptocurrency mining industry.

On our planet, there are always the most diverse cycles and events, which are partly triggered by nature itself, but also by its inhabitants and individuals, who themselves experience development. In the history of the past two centuries, humans have triggered an industrial revolution that has put the planet’s resources in a critical situation.
Many of these resources have now reached their natural ends, they are exhausted. Species extinction has never been this big. In the field of plants, it concerns ancient forests, in the area of ​​marine animals, on land insects and amphibians. The triggered and important factor for the potential damage is the availability of energy used, which basically is directly involved in the destruction. In this context, carbon footprint is the most critical issue related to the cryptocurrency mining industry.
Worldwide, around 1% of the world’s total energy is consumed for cryptocurrency mining. The biggest problem for the mining industry may not even be its large energy consumption, but the fact that most cryptocurrency mining facilities are located in regions, especially in China, which rely heavily on coal-based power.

Our Iris Arc model has an innovative and disruptive model to successfully overcome environmental problems and other problems related to cryptocurrency mining. Some of our researchers now ward off environmental destruction and provide solutions in all fields. In the energy sector, this is the rediscovery of water as an energy source. It uses elements in the water itself, which ensures a clean and environmentally friendly energy supply.
Here, especially the limitations of the raw material itself are lifted. We now have the opportunity, to access this energy almost indefinitely technologically and methodically! In recent years, the availability of currencies has also changed as a result of limited availability and stock market orientation triggered by banks. Seeing new forms of money and currencies in a new context has brought cryptocurrency to the fore as a solution, creating new pathways.
However, it turns out, the system that produces the currency itself is limited by high energy costs. Here we have devised a solution that invalidates this limit. This is a by-product of structured water (hexagonal water) and split into hydrogen (now a medical device popular as molecularly dissolved hydrogen in water) and oxygen (in combination with Brown gas coveted by hydrogen for detoxification and welding technology, in emergency medicine as measure of respiratory disorders).
With the help of fuel cell technology developed by us, we can now drastically reduce the share of external electricity demand and thus the cost of external electricity. This leads to our concept to complement the fuel cell cryptocurrency server service and offer it to our customers in kind. To make this possible, we have created our own crypto currency – Iris Arc – ACI Coin – The Rainbow Currency.
Why Choose the Iris Arc

  • The latest and most advanced mining hardware
  • The fastest mining hardware
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Cheaper hardware due to large scale purchases
  • Nice user interface
  • Alternative currency mining (Altcoin)
  • Reliable and reliable mining partner
  • The facility to transfer mining power to mine the cryptocurrency that is available with us, gives you the flexibility that is urgently needed to take advantage of emerging market opportunities.
  • Downtime can be neglected because various technicians handle ongoing mining operations and resolve any issues instantly.
  • An honest and transparent cloud mining service
  • There are no heavy initial costs for cloud mining users who do not require large investments in setting up their own mining operations.
  • Direct mining output even for new users who use cloud mining contracts, thanks to the hardware that is already running
  • There is no loss for cloud mining users due to obsolete hardware.
  • No need to hire a technician to take care of the hardware
  • There are no hassles or problems associated with mining operations themselves such as heating, loud noise, etc.
  • Responsive and fast customer service

active contribution to environmental protection
Fast and secure transactions worldwide
Used in several projects as the loyalty of
the fast growing community coins worldwide
To Be Use the payment system established
Arc Iris (ACI) Coin

Arc Iris (ACI) Coin is a cryptocurrency coin based on blockchain technology. ACI Coin is built on the blockchain platform owned by Arc Iris Development Inc. ACI Coin is based on the Scrypt POW algorithm. This makes ACI Coin more secure. ACI Con will be used as a loyalty coin. All contracts and reference prizes will be paid in ACI Coins. The Iris Arc allows people to invest profitably and get returns safely. With the value of ACI Coins based on fixed income from Arc Iris Development Inc. cryptocurrency mining operations, investors who buy ACI Coins will be protected at a more stable price.
ACI will be listed on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges that provide ACI Coins with high liquidity, and thus, benefit coin holders with a variety of uses. Decentralized coin exchange facilitates trading and exchange of financial instruments and currencies on the blockchain. ACI coins will be able to function as a currency for use on common cryptocurrency standards. ACI Coin complies with the latest cryptocurrency standards and works with all relevant applications and platforms.
Every digital currency wallet can hold ACI Coins. ACI Coin is easily exchanged with other cryptocurrency and ACI coin holders can exchange ACI coins with other currencies on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Coin Name Arc Symbol Iris ACI Type of Utility Amount of Supply 1000000000 Price of 1 ACI coin 0.1 USD Minimum Investment 100 USD Available for purchase with BTC, ETH Whitelist / KYC KYC ACI coins

ARP-IRIS FEATURES ARC-IRIS wallet will be launched in January 2020

ARC-IRIS Wallet is a multi-decentralized currency wallet for the community to offer smooth and hassle-free services.
Private keys are stored only with the user to ensure maximum security
ARC_IRIS supports a hierarchical determinant wallet equipped with 2 FA
Cryptocurrency security standards
Keeping private keys offline and online with the wallet watching only
ARC-IRS supports ACI, BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, all tokens ECR20 and continuously adding more ARC-IRIS
supporting paper wallets
ARC-IRIS wallet will be launched in January 2020
ARC-IRIS wallet is equipped with 500 ACI-Coins for the first 10,000
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
We aim to collect 30 million USD. The purpose of raising funds is to start an integrated cryptocurrency mining facility. Arc Iris has a strong business model supported by efficient cryptocurrency mining operations with stable and visible future cash flows and profits. It was determined that up to 1 billion coins would be issued with a nominal price of $ 0.1 USD. Coin distribution is preferred by ordinary investors who are allocated 60% of ACI Coins through crowd sales.

ARC-IRIS WALLET FEATURES The ARC-IRIS wallet will be launched in January 2020


Besides the fact that ARC IRIS offers its user equipment, so projects will also be available and ACI tokens with which users can not only purchase project equipment. But it also pays for maintenance, and has a number of other benefits for those who do not have such coins in their wallets. If we touch on the topic of benefits, the founder of ARC IRIS guarantees significant discounts to all users for the maintenance of their installations, most of which keep a number of internal ACI coins in their wallets.
In total, the developer plans to release 1 billion coins, only 60% will be available for public sales. The remaining coins with an initial value of $ 0.1 will be distributed as follows (see figure):
December 1 2019 – December 31 2019 – 1 ACI = $ 0.025

  • 01 January 2020 – 31 January 2020 – 1 ACI = $ 0.05
  • February 1, 2020 – February 29, 2020 – 1 ACI = $ 0.06
  • March 1, 2020 – March 31, 2020 – 1 ACI = $ 0.07
  • April 1, 2020 – April 30, 2020 – 1 ACI = $ 0.08


With the help of our team, these contributors and investors are a milestone we hope to achieve.

  • Q2 2019
    Project Conception and Market Analysis
  • Q3 2019
    Planning and Formation of the ICO Team
  • Q4 2019
    Pre-ICO and ICO Launch
  • Q1 2020
    Starting from the Development Activity
  • Q2 2020
    Development and Launch of Beta Phase
  • Q3 2020
    Launch of Mining Operations
  • Q4 2020
    Marketing and Publicity Campaign

I believe in the success of the project
“I always wanted to mine Cryptos but high hardware costs and low profits kept me from doing that. Iris Arc now has a solution I’ve been looking for. I am ready and believe in the success of the project! “


Nicolas R.
Innovative and Grateful Project
” Environmental protection, high profits, and opportunities to increase ACI-Coins value that convinced me immediately and I invested in this innovative and grateful project. “


Elena B was
immediately implemented in many areas
“I believe that this great technology can be implemented immediately in many fields and I hope that everyone will immediately benefit from it. For me, there is no question if I invest in this project! “


Andreas S.
I believe in the success of the project
” I am happy with this technology and I feel happy when I can protect the environment when I create Cryptos through cloud-mining Arc-Iris. “


Oliver K.



In conclusion, I want to note the high-tech approach to problems that exist in our world. I am very happy to see someone who wants to make our world better, cleaner, and more efficient. Develop phenomenal project ideas like this for this. Because of that, good friend. Take a closer look at ARC IRIS. Maybe you will be one of the active participants. And to make your actions and decisions clearer, I suggest you study ARC IRIS in more detail. To do this, at the end of my review, you will find all the necessary resources of the project, where the most accurate and basic information about ARC IRIS is collected. I am hungry to help. Thank you for your attention and see you again!
For more information, please visit the link below:
https: // www.
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GPM Carbon

Development and introduction of new technologies for activated carbon production, 

This project is part of the GPM-Planet group, company details can be found at In the project, a professional team of like-minded people gathered. During collaboration, from research to prototyping, the team showed determination, resources and professionalism. At that time, when we were as close as possible to the launch of industrial technology applications, we formed a friendly and effective team aimed at the results.
How many times after eating do you stop and think about food quality? Dangerous human activities cause contamination of the food we consume every day. This is a major threat to human health with many people getting serious illness from contaminated food and in some cases dying. Food pollution basically refers to food that has been damaged by other substances that can be physical, biological or chemical.
Biological contamination.
Humans need food to survive and this is why we must be careful about the quality of the food we consume. Food can be contaminated by organisms or substances produced by this organism. Biological material from mice, insects, microorganisms is often a bacteria and virus that causes food poisoning. I have experienced severe cases of food poisoning, which is why I am very interested in finding solutions to this threat.
Physical contamination.
Processed foods that pass during production are also a major concern because most food contaminants also originate here. At any stage, food can experience physical contamination from foreign matter such as band-aids, steel wool or plastic strips. Someone who consumes food with this foreign object will fall ill.
Chemical contamination.
Framers tend to overuse pesticides without knowing that these chemicals ultimately contaminate food. Chemical contamination is very dangerous because people are ultimately exposed to toxic chemicals, some of which can cause death. The problem of food contamination must not be underestimated and solutions need to be found.
The world needs to find solutions to minimize cases of food contamination, soil pollution, and even water pollution to maintain public health. Today, I will talk about GPM Carbon, a project that helps in the fight against environmental pollution. GPM Carbon wants to revolutionize the activated carbon industry by implementing new technologies that ensure that no waste material is released into the environment.

The world will have a large amount of activated carbon and at the same time be able to enjoy a clean environment. GPM Carbon will resolve the three main threats that threaten to end its existence as we know it. I talk about water pollution, soil pollution, and food contamination.
In addition, the GPM carbon project will help the masses experience the benefits of technology that is gradually taking the world by storm, blockchain technology. Activated carbon is a unique and ideal purification material currently used in almost all industries throughout the world. The world will be able to have a constant supply of activated carbon thanks to GPM Carbon and at the same time believe that the product is obtained through environmentally friendly methods.

Where is activated carbon used?

Organizations to deal with gas emissions, including atmospheric desulfurization, gas purification systems for nuclear power plants, destruction of chemical weapons, disposal of solid waste, capture of gasoline vapor emitted by vehicles, and purification of air that enters and works in residential areas. Cleaner hydrosphere drinking water, waste water disposal, water treatment, radioactive liquid waste treatment and gold and non-ferrous metal mining. Protect lithosphere soil from xenobiotics, soil improvement, and sanitation protection of water resources. Human production from chemical and pharmaceutical agents, vitamins, antibiotics, enterosorption and hemosorption, and foods that are generally environmentally friendly
Fibers Industrial chemical fibers, synthetic rubbers, dyes, chemicals and more. Chemical and pharmaceutical reagents, antibiotics and vitamins, various types of drugs, etc. Production of fats and oils, sugar, cane drops, grapes and vodka, among others. Flotation of non-ferrous metal ore in ferrous and ferrous metallurgy and gold mining. Gas and oil treatment for the separation or purification of process flow and plasticizer production. Atomic Industry.
In addition to providing information about dynamic basic research categories, such as user awareness and buyer buying goals, this is intended to try to make an index list relative to the demand for the product or service we want, and in turn.

Factors that determine the growth of the activated carbon market.

Granular Activated Carbon has the latest trends regarding product owners. The expansion of the Granular Activated Carbon sector helps them learn how to shape in the long run. This study will look more closely at the historical pricing models of various products and stewards, and entrepreneurs are ready to form the right idea about future trends. According to him, business management will be able to decide how to operate and make wise decisions.
• Continuous improvement of stringent environmental regulatory standards in key markets. Large market governments such as the US, Canada and Western Europe must ensure greater adoption of activated carbon.
• Raise emission standards and control water and air pollution in China, India, and many other developing countries. Air and water pollution increases the demand for activated carbon due to increasing population, rapid industrialization and depletion of clean water resources.
• Increased production activities and innovative technologies that are actively applied such as heavy industrial countries. Most processes that use activated carbon are often based on their use during the production process.
What is activated carbon

Because of its physical and chemical properties, activated carbon is a unique and ideal cleaning agent (absorption). At present, it is difficult to mention the economic sector where this unique adsorbent is not used. In fact, this is the second material after iron in wide applications.

Areas of application of activated carbon Activated carbon is used in the following areas:

• Ambience:

Purification of gas emissions, including desulfurization, gas cleaning systems from nuclear power plants, gasoline steam traps released by vehicles, destruction of chemical weapons, destruction of solid waste, purification of air entering residence and place of work.

• Hydrosphere:

Drinking water treatment, waste water disposal, water treatment, liquid radioactive waste treatment, gold mining and non-ferro mining.

• lithosphere:

Protection of soil from xenobiotics, including pesticides, soil improvement, water source sanitation protection zones.

• Person:

Means of individual and collective protection from filter types, production of chemical and pharmaceutical products, vitamins, antibiotics, enterosorption and hemosorption, obtain environmentally friendly food.

The main areas of application of activated carbon:

• Chemical material.

Production: chemical fibers, synthetic rubber, dyes, chemicals, etc.

• tree.

Production: chemical and pharmaceutical reagents, antibiotics and vitamins, drugs, etc.

• Food.

Production: sugar, oil and fat, starch and molasses, wine and vodka, cigarette filters and others.

• Metallurgy.

Production: flotation (concentration) of non-ferrous metal ore, metallurgy and non-ferrous iron, gold mining.

• Refining gas and oil.

Production: separation and purification of process flow, plasticizer production.

• Atomic industry

Modern manufacturing problems

Studying the experience of producing activated carbon by the world’s leading manufacturers leads to a disappointing conclusion: most of the leading manufacturers often make products of the highest quality, actions aimed at solving environmental problems. Time causes serious damage to the ecology of the planet. This is mainly due to the production methods and preparation of raw materials needed for their production, as well as the technology and production processes.

Analytical studies for developing activated carbon markets

The unique cleansing properties of activated carbon, which make it possible to solve various environmental problems and modern production technologies, continue to develop in scope. The range of activated carbon is very wide, and the gap between supply and demand continues to increase.
Factors that determine the growth of the activated carbon market:

• Continuous improvement to stringent environmental regulatory standards in key markets – in the US, Canada and Western Europe. Water, air and industrial waste purification, stringent standards for removing mercury from the air in the production of energy using fossil fuels (carbon, oil and natural gas), stricter emissions standards for vehicles – all these areas require more and more use the wider. Activated Carbon.

• Raise emission standards and control water and air pollution in China, India, and many other developing countries. Population growth, water and air pollution caused by rapid industrialization and depletion of clean water sources increase the demand for activated carbon.

• Increase production activities and actively implement innovative technology in industrialized countries. Most processes using activated carbon are based on their use during the manufacturing process.


objectives The

aim of the Carbon project is to regulate the production of activated carbon in accordance with the developed environmentally friendly technology (see Description and technical description above) and to provide appropriate services to consumers through the introduction of vertically integrated structures.

Business structure

The commencement of activated carbon production with our technology is based on the following advantages:

  • Raw material. Always available in the amount needed. The quality of raw materials needed to produce activated carbon is the best in the world.
  • Producing products with our technology significantly reduces costs compared to the costs of the largest global producers.
  • We have more than a dozen innovative economies that are patented for successful project implementation
  • Production technology will be located in our complex production area. Competitive advantages include excellent geographic location, highly qualified personnel, and full technological readiness from production sites for installation and commissioning of technology equipment.

Revenue is stable in the long run based on market growth and speculative demand. The
blockchain project is focused on industrial products and is supported by production and real value. A
business model that is proven to be market-fully transparent at every stage.
Production begins in 6 months.
The possibility of building a long-term financial strategy. to increase the value and popularity of coins. Financial benefits when participating in the initial stages of
a TGE pre-sale project

The SoftCap level will enable the launch of a full production cycle with a capacity of 2,000 tons with constant reinvestment of profits. The Hardcap level will enable the launch of a full production cycle with a capacity of 18,000 tons with the possibility of investing in net profits in the following company projects. 2015

development and technology launch patent
2015 Modernization of production complex
2017 company investment in prototype
2018 Development of a business plan and financial model for 2018
2019 development of the main event the generation of tokens
2020 launch of the main production facility
2021 building a GPM carbon ecosystem using blockchain technology.
2022 launched its own product line GPM Carbon 

WHITEPAPER: http: // gpm-
LINKEDIN: https: //www.linkedin .com / perusahaan / gpmplanet /



public computing networks that are geologically distributed and distributed through the blockchain

dain 1.jpg

Every human being must have his own level of intelligence, which is caused by the intelligence found in humans that gave birth to advanced technology. Where without intelligent thinking from humans, of course there will be no computer, electricity, internet and various other types of sophistication that can be enjoyed today. But humans have the right to choose to use that intelligence or just let it enjoy the innovations launched by the intelligence of others. Nowadays, intelligence not only arises through the human mind, but also exists in the form of artificial intelligence. Where intelligence is intelligence that can be obtained by entering a number of important data that is used as an order to the computer. Furthermore, the computer will process the commands that have been inputted. Of course,Therefore, we as humans must always develop in order to make the latest innovations that can be exchanged for profitability. This was also done by the founder of the Dain platform, which is a Blockchain-based platform that provides Blockchain-based artificial intelligence services. Of course there will be many questions that arise from the users, why did Dain’s artificial intelligence adopt Blockchain technology? This is because by building a Blockchain based platform, service providers can provide high quality services, with guaranteed security and affordable prices. When all these offers cannot be made by conventional service providers, Dain decides to adopt Blockchain technology as a basic technology.Not only that, by joining the Dain platform, you can also do various kinds of development, innovation, and create the latest artificial intelligence services for other users who need these services. This is because Dain will provide the most complete service to all users, but to facilitate the platform in realizing that goal, he invited technology experts to carry out various kinds of development. Where development can be traded on the Dain platform, and produces a number of additional benefits. Not all platforms dare to do that, because they think that the latest innovation is a competitor that can turn off platform functionality. However, Dain did not have this fear,Dain’s presence as a provider of artificial intelligence providers will provide solutions for companies that do not have satisfaction when using services provided by conventional artificial intelligence. Where to use Dain, you don’t need to worry about the type of computer and the capacity of the computer. This is because Dain will provide various types of software to accommodate all important data needed when using Dain services, so that excess capacity will not occur, which is usually the main obstacle for companies not to be able to empower artificial intelligence to the full.In addition, Dain will not burden users with certain transaction costs, which is because Dain is a smart technology that can adapt to various obstacles, so that it will automatically prevent users from consuming computing power and transaction costs. .Naturally, each platform provides mobility that is easily accessible to users, because mobility is one important factor that makes users interested in using Dain services. At present, Dain is very concerned about this, which is proven by providing easy access for users who are not familiar with technology. Where Dain, will use a zero code solution system for all users, so automatically non-technology users can access services from Dain easily. Therefore, it can be said that, Dain is an artificial intelligence that can be accessed with, already, economically, elasticly and flexibly.What is DAIN?
DAIN is the next generation artificial intelligence platform, a geographically distributed decentralized public computing network driven by the integration of the blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to solve and solve problems. This platform uses computing resources efficiently and without intermediaries from other devices located anywhere in the world to solve complex AI problems. DAIN awards hardware owners and maps the artificial intelligence market. This allows companies with similar needs to provide or find joint solutions.
DAIN aims to make artificial intelligence easy and affordable, accessible to all consumers, from small businesses to large companies, from knowledge to big data, reducing time to market in production models, and obtaining information and knowledge. Produce. This platform allows users to lease idle computing power from devices and computers to help companies in data processing, problem solving, and problem solving using artificial intelligence technology. It also allows companies to develop new business models, new customer relationship models, and new revenue streams, providing a secure environment where they can safely sell, build, sell, and execute knowledge, solutions, data and infrastructure to create, consume, and implementing artificial intelligence. To share. Using corporate DAIN platforms of various sizes, it can easily and efficiently train new models with its own data and / or data from external sources provided to DAIN and can model it with third party data. Change the existing data market. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties. he can easily and efficiently train new models with his own data and / or data from external sources provided to DAIN and can model them with third party data. Change the existing data market. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties. he can easily and efficiently train new models with his own data and / or data from external sources provided to DAIN and can model them with third party data. Change the existing data market. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties.
The benefits of
DAIN regulation gather exercises learned over the previous decade and bringing together front-line innovations to offer answers to existing problems.
– Reducing IaaS costs
By utilizing economical processing power, it removes the underlying equipment effort from the IaaS cost conditions. Because this is a distributed system, there is no need to take care of the cooling costs.
– Speed ​​up time-to-showcase
DAIN has a commercial center for AI models created by biological system clients, enabling organizations to share settings and complement existing capabilities. Through the exchange of information and information, ideal opportunities for new improvements will decrease exponentially.
– There are no exchange fees
DAIN is brilliant. DAIN can adjust to blockages and benefit from the movement of its hubs to understand their inspiration, keep legitimate clients from wasting their processing assets or paying exchange fees.
– IoT and 5G are prepared
The absence of fees and the registration model circulating from DAIN allows gadgets with low limits to become part of the system. This innovation will use the availability of 5G and the diversity of gadgets related to the web.
– Zero code setting
No parent information is needed to take advantage of the advantages. By utilizing AI to compile AI, non-technological residents are empowered to begin to take an interest in AI upheaval.
– Unlimited calculations
Intended to place the intensity of the gadget stack on the AI ​​transfer. Access PC assets effectively, financially, flexibly, and on demand.
– Confidentiality
Because of the latest and most creative cryptographic strategies, all information and arrangements that are distributed are entirely private, in any case, when shared among clients.
– Certified arrangements
Due to the nature and nature of AI calculations, all settings submitted are confirmed by a programmed machine-to-machine process.
OTHER MISSION(i) DAIN simplifies access to AI, they aim to democratize the entire AI system and ensure there are no restrictions on data, computing resources, knowledge, and time to use AI.(ii) Second, DAIN aims to monetize the system by creating a monetization model, building a new data-based revenue stream without losing control and ownership of the user model.(iii) Building new business models and relationships, which will enable companies and customers or their partners to exchange exclusive assets and services.WHY CHOOSE ANOTHER?(i) Problems with AI entry: Although there are many requests and impacts of AI in society, understanding AI and its needs is difficult and consequently, professionals and businesses are not even ready for their large exploitation. This challenge impacts several local companies that cannot benefit from the transformation offered by AI. In an effort to correct this imbalance, DAIN will overcome barriers to entry and ensure a fair, inexpensive and integrated AI in our society where the Company and their customers will benefit.(ii) Sustainability: Research has revealed a huge carbon footprint and excessive electricity consumption leading to the latest approaches to AI, Cloud and DLT. The data processing industry currently consumes up to 3% of global energy and the power consumption of the Bitcoin mining facility is huge too. This is why the need for artificial intelligence is needed. AI will manage resources and promote sustainability. Exploiting AI will be more beneficial than producing excessive hardware.(iii) DAIN will reduce IaaS costs by effective utilization of backup computing power, eliminating initial hardware investment from the IaaS cost equation. Being a scattered network, there is no need to cover the cost of cooling.(iv) Unlimited Computing: DAIN is designed to turn off all computer devices. It accesses computer resources easily, economically and elastic on request.(v) No transaction costs: DAIN as smart AI technology can easily adapt to congestion and learn from other node activities to understand their motivations, thus preventing honest users from wasting their computing resources or paying transaction costs.(v1) Zero Code Solutions: DAIN does not require expert knowledge before you can use or benefit from. You don’t have to understand technology before you can participate in the AI ​​revolution. DAIN allows non-technology people to use AI to design AI.DAIN Token Value DAIN Token
is directly related to network computing power. To measure network computing power, a reference index is defined: DIPS (DAIN Performance Index Standards). Each service request handled by the network can be marked with a DIPS number, which represents the estimated computing power needed to complete it. DAIN token (DAINT) is defined as the computational capacity that enables the implementation of 1 DIPS service request, in every active Minimum Resource Cell in the network. 1 DAINT = 1 DIPS x  #MRCs  To prevent the growth of artificial networks, each MRC requires a DAINT backup to be considered active and allowed to provide services.
While the price of certain tasks is driven by supply and demand, there is a pricing mechanism that links them with token values, reducing volatility.
Service Fees Services provided in DAIN have fees (dsf, DAIN service fees *) paid by the applicant. The purpose of this fee is to reward DAINT holders. Fees are determined as% of the service price, and the corresponding DAINT is
“Burned” (ie no longer circulating on the network). Because the total number of DAINT in the network decreases, the value of DAINT increases, directly giving rewards to DAINT holders.Wealth Distribution
To ensure the continuity of the network, it is necessary to ensure that all participating actors get fair rewards, avoiding the centralization of wealth by actors with greater capacity or voice power.
This mechanism encourages new users to share their computing resources through DAIN, regardless of how large or small the device’s computing capacity is.The DAIN protocol applies rules designed to ensure that all types of devices can have equal access to collaborative associations of nodes with heterogeneous characteristics, further ensuring a proportional distribution of gifts.
Our roadmap has just begun, but everything has been mapped and planned. Learn about the next steps.
2018 Q3Dain network conceptualized2018 Q4DAIN complete technical design2019 Q1Agreement with Comillas Pontifical University to fund the DAIN research project2019 Q2DainWare is fundedWhite Paper publishedFunds collected from 8 angel investorsAdvisory Board2019 Q3Agreement with SecondWindow to provide development workforceWe’re here2019 Q4IEO 1.0Personal Sales TokensTelefónica & Eleven Paths LoI out2020 Q1IEO 2.0 with additional exchange for extended reachResearch Article PublicationCase of Industrial Use of PoC2020 Q2ICO2020 Q4Launch of TestnetDemo Demo Konsep2021DainServices Settingsgo-to-market service providers and integratorsThe DAIN Team The DAIN team
consists of professionals with extensive experience in startups, entrepreneurship and large multinational companies. We are also proud to have the support of collaborators from various sectors and the academic world.
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Carbon Offset Initiative Green waste tracking solution

Carbon Offset InitiativeGreen waste tracking solutionThe Carbon Offset Initiative is a green solution for tracing waste and data in various fields of industry, using innovative blockchain technology to increase productivity in collecting, tracking, and recycling waste from various sources.


Carbon footprint and pollution are increasing before our eyes and to get back on the right track we must change our habits and act together, only together can we change current environmental problems, save our habitat and preserve the earth’s natural resources for the next generation our goal is to solve problems in new ways by combining our experience and network team with digitalization and blockchain, both of which are powerful resources for implementation and success. Our research shows that the shipping sector is ideal for potential carbon minimization and disposal of waste oil even with carbon negatives. COI, which stands for Carbon Offset Initiative, greatly returns our intention and also the tangible results that we aim for: Carbon offsets by optimizing “bunker-oil fuels to slide into the energy cycle” and managing waste and emissions. This optimization process makes the recovered carbon fuel negative, because unlike crude oil, it does not have to be explored, produced, refined, and transported, significantly reducing the carbon footprint. Carbon Offset Initiative is  environmental and humanitarian projects aimed at monitoring and reducing carbon emissions using Blockchain technology. By utilizing Blockchain’s superior features, it aims to reduce waste carbon emissions and leave a better world for the future by managing waste properly. He believes that solutions to these problems cannot be achieved through the efforts of one organization or community, but through monitoring humanity and reduction of waste production. There are already companies that are working to take action on the amount of carbon emissions, but they cannot be effective because they are inadequate during the follow-up phase. Because the effective structure of the block chain has the ability to follow every step of the process, the project is built on the blockchain. Carbon Offset Initiative  plans to improve efficiency by monitoring waste collection from various units and locations, monitoring processes and reducing waste more widely by using recycling more effectively. Our mission is to help organizations and companies save energy, reduce costs, and build wider commercial value while dealing with environmental and social problems.

What is a Carbon Balancing Initiative?

Global pollution generated by carbon production and globalization reaches a recurring peak and is a major threat to our future. Various attempts have been made by various governments, industrialists or institutions but at too low a level, due to various factors such as short-term or misunderstanding. The generation of Heads of State or CEOs currently formed in the fossil fuel economy and have difficulty understanding that the green action needed is not expenditure but investment. Our team sincerely believes that the “green revolution” will have the same impact as the “internet revolution” or “industrial revolution” in terms of innovation and employment and investment opportunities.HOW DOES COI COMPLETE THE PROBLEM OF THE ENVIRONMENT?With our extensive experience in waste recycling, we have been very involved in the reality of the process of recycling oily water and slop. After we identified control problems as the main cause of illegal spills and fuel theft, we have found a cost-efficient, easy-to-implement and operated solution for remote monitoring of bunker and waste treatment based on Blockchain’s innovative technology. The ability to track the waste management process and enter reliable data in the ledger is to reduce manipulation while increasing transparency and improving the economic environment. Our disturbing environmental solutions track, minimize and offset the consumption and waste of fuel-oil vessels and can be adjusted to the needs of the ship owner (emissions, speed, positioning,

Project Synopsis

Industry, information, consumption, and global economic growth put great pressure on the environment of our planet and sustainable development in the future. However, one thing that everyone seems to underestimate is that we live on a planet with limited physical resources, and we use it beyond any reason and produce increasing amounts of waste and emissions. At the same time, legal requirements to track and prove the total disposal or destruction of waste that cannot be recycled and to reduce emissions are very strict and calculated to be enforced throughout the world. Growing waste production is a big challenge for traceability and proper disposal. Scientists, industrialists, and countries try to deal with waste and related emissions issues. Even though there is time pressure,


With our extensive experience in waste recycling, we have been very involved in the reality of the process of recycling oily and dirty water. There are three main problems for companies and shipping owners: Is recycling done legally, on time, and of quality for the amount provided? Are the parties involved paid according to the agreement and the minimum payment in cash? Have we paid more (hidden theft)? After we identified control problems as the main cause of illegal spills and fuel theft, we have found a solution that is cost-effective, easy to implement and operate for remote monitoring of bunkers and waste management (figure 1) based on blockchain. Our solution has two layers, from loading fuel bunkers to ships to dirty water disposal; The potential of measuring load (tanker); Measuring the density and composition of oily water at several levels in the tank, to track slop quality; Mention some external parameters that have the potential to impact on consumption and emissions; step with GSM or satellite to the control center. The recycling plant will get a similar device to measure the quantity and density of slops obtained for processing. Telecommunications equipment will also transmit these steps, and after processing, the amount of solid, water and oil residue is recycled from the initial slop. Upon request, port collectors and transporters can also be equipped with devices to measure the number and density of slop collected and transferred. Measuring the density and composition of oily water at several levels in the tank, to track slop quality; Mention some external parameters that have the potential to impact on consumption and emissions; step with GSM or satellite to the control center. The recycling plant will get a similar device to measure the quantity and density of slops obtained for processing. Telecommunications equipment will also transmit these steps, and after processing, the amount of solid, water and oil residue is recycled from the initial slop. Upon request, port collectors and transporters can also be equipped with devices to measure the number and density of slop collected and transferred. Measuring the density and composition of oily water at several levels in the tank, to track slop quality; Mention some external parameters that have the potential to impact on consumption and emissions; step with GSM or satellite to the control center. The recycling plant will get a similar device to measure the quantity and density of slops obtained for processing. Telecommunications equipment will also transmit these steps, and after processing, the amount of solid, water and oil residue is recycled from the initial slop. Upon request, port collectors and transporters can also be equipped with devices to measure the number and density of slop collected and transferred. Mention some external parameters that have the potential to impact on consumption and emissions; step with GSM or satellite to the control center. The recycling plant will get a similar device to measure the quantity and density of slops obtained for processing. Telecommunications equipment will also transmit these steps, and after processing, the amount of solid, water and oil residue is recycled from the initial slop. Upon request, port collectors and transporters can also be equipped with devices to measure the number and density of slop collected and transferred. Mention some external parameters that have the potential to impact on consumption and emissions; step with GSM or satellite to the control center. The recycling plant will get a similar device to measure the quantity and density of slops obtained for processing. Telecommunications equipment will also transmit these steps, and after processing, the amount of solid, water and oil residue is recycled from the initial slop. Upon request, port collectors and transporters can also be equipped with devices to measure the number and density of slop collected and transferred. Telecommunications equipment will also transmit these steps, and after processing, the amount of solid, water and oil residue is recycled from the initial slop. Upon request, port collectors and transporters can also be equipped with devices to measure the number and density of slop collected and transferred. Telecommunications equipment will also transmit these steps, and after processing, the amount of solid, water and oil residue is recycled from the initial slop. Upon request, port collectors and transporters can also be equipped with devices to measure the number and density of slop collected and transferred.The advantageAs you can see, the front of the Carbon Offset Initiative project is very large and really has something to do. At the same time, its founders intend to make the best use of modern technology and tools as their assistants, with their help to make major breakthroughs in the field of green projects. And to show its effectiveness for the business owner itself. Thus solving at the same time is not only the topic of waste, but also environmentally friendly, mutually beneficial relationships between the participants of one big business system.


Of course, to implement large scale, but very important, are environmental projects, the founders intend to do their ICO, where the clause for those hoping to raise salaries is all the funds needed for further growth and development of the entire project. Why that, or rather for this purpose, developers are ready to offer their COI tokens all Investors want which to BE part of someone’s good Goal.DetailPre-sale: 7 October 2019 – Jan Jul 2020general sale: January 8, 2020 – January 8, 2020supply Token: 1000000000 COITotal tokens for sale: 500 million COISoft stamp: 5,000,000 USDHard stamp: 47 million USDlawPlatform Blockchain: Ethereumnational borders: South Korea; People’s Republic of China; The State of Israel; United States of AmericaCountry of registration: SloveniaRegistration year: 2019office address: RUE Maupertuis 11, Nyon 1260 SWISSPARMOVA 53, LJUBLJANA SLOVENIA fishGUZDENOVICA WEEK 22A, BELGRADE SERBIA 11070 Token InfoTicker: COIType: Utility-signToken standard: ERC20Price of tokens in USD: 1 COI = 0.07-0,119 USDAccepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, Euro, USDToken distribution:71% ICO2% mitra2% advisory2% meritocracy18% tim5% treasuryBudget allocation:23% Operations management +legal regulations + 15%5% of the reserve fund14% sales + marketingresearch development + 32%11% general administration +ROADMAP INFSET OFFSET KARTU

  • 2010. – Clean Sea Services SA (CSS)

was founded in Nyon, Switzerland with a mission to clean up unwanted garbage and save the environment with plug-in modules and technical experience gathered from all over the world.

  • 2014. – Urban Management DOO (UM)

was founded in Belgrade, Serbia with a confusing vision of the industry with technologies such as blockchain and software solutions with wide implementation, from marketing, through real estate and hospitality to ecology, and so on.

  • 2017. – Sustainable Approach

CSS & UM began discussions on sustainability, climate change, and potential partnerships.

  • Q1 2018 – CSS waste treatment

CSS is starting new research and development to improve the productivity of existing waste oil treatment modules, while UM is preparing land for new reforestation projects and conducting laboratory and quality research and geo characteristics.

  • Q2 2018 – ME of afforestation actions

Planted 10,000 have UM trees to cut CO2 from the Insider atmosphere and reduce air pollution sufficiently in the Balkans region. START Pollution and CSS Regulatory research on the African continent.

  • Q3 2018 – COI was born

Carbon Offset Initiative (COI) when an idea is born. The main mission is to increase global awareness about climate change, the negative impacts of pollution, and the problem of global warming up.

  • Q4 2018- CSS & UM partnership

For Between this Partnership is officially The Clean Sea Services and WS Urban Management signed in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The UM Technology Team began by developing a new blockchain platform. Develop a new generation of CSS waste oil treatment module.

  • Q1 2019 – Dear COI

The initial COI team gathered and began to improve its ongoing mission, create a framework for white and technical papers and develop short-term and long-term business plans for Europe, EMEA, Africa and Asia.

  • Q2 2019 – Research & Development

Version 1 of the whitepaper and issued technical paper, the research and development of hardware and software for COI platform start traceability waste. Updated and COI tokens generated.

  • Q3 2019 – COchain blockchain security

Wallet security is an improved version of COI, is connected to the blockchain platform, testing on COI is carried out The tokens and tokens are ready for pre-sale in the community. PRE-ICO / IEO starts! Crowdfunding with COI discount price sign. Partnerships with exchanges, companies and institutions announced.

  • Q4 2019 – Awareness of climate change

Arrange meetings with government officials, company executives and fund representatives and venture capitalists to raise awareness of climate change and present sustainable solutions and innovative disruptions in one of the biggest industries that pollute the earth.

  • Q1 2020- Further R&D

Version 2 technical and white paper, further development of and updates for crowdfunding periods. The wallet is The COI improved and ICO / IEO ready to get Started!

  • Q2 2020- Waste Search Platform

And the development for COI Research on traceability platform waste is in the middle phase. Eco sensor prototype The quality and quantity of the COI is ready to BE tested in bunker tanks and dirty water. The Smart contract is related to the circulation of the COI token for verification of the process for various subjects.

  • Q3 2020- Application development

Initial Development of COI Applications for All Android, iOS and users with Microsoft’s high security protocol and transparent data tracking Via the ledger blockchain. Weather satellites and GPS for monitoring connected to COI waste Make traceability and IT platforms more user friendly.

  • Q4 2020 – Finalization

And the development of a prototype of the Final test of the quality and quantity of COI sensors, before mass production and implementation in tanks. COI-hardware and software improvements to BE are more compatible in transparent waste management systems that can be tracked on the BE market for different and different wastes.WE’RE A MEMBER TEAM


founderBusiness and political leaders must understand that the environment is not an expenditure, but an investment.

  • Wolf WHITE

Founder & CEO“The biggest threat to our planet is the belief that others will save it” – Robert Swan

  • JAS Excavators

CFO“Opportunities are missed by most people because they wear clothes and look like work.” – Thomas Edison

  • DESSY Todorova

CMOProtecting our environment is not an option – it is a survival instinct.

  • DR. JOSÉ Lamas-Valverde

CTO“There is no such thing as ‘going’. When we throw the statement something away, IT has to Go somewhere! “- Annie Leonard

  • Susanne STREAM

Business Financial Advisor“For us to live on this planet as if we have someone more! Go to. “- Terry Swearingen

  • Stephane ALEC

strategic advisor“We DID not inherit the earth from our Ancestors; for We Borrowed from our IT kids “- Native American Proverb

  • AKSHAT Rawat

Shipping Industry Advisors“We don’t want to protect the environment, we want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need to be protected”

  • CINDY Ngrambe

UN Representatives & NGOs“Green is the main color of the world, ants from which beauty appears” – Pedro Calderon de la Barca

  • Marko Mitrovic

Member Trading Certificates“We don’t need BE to be involved in the big heroic actions to PARTICIPATE in change. The Small Actions, when multiplied by Millions of people, CAN change the world ”- The Howard Zinn


Digital Media Manager“Buy less, choose good. “- Vivienne Westwood


PR“Humanity has a spoiled planet Earth as if we had” B and a reserve planet “. It is our generation’s responsibility to make a better IT place so that our children venture into an unknown space because of scientific curiosity and hopelessness. “information:WEBSITE ★ ★ FACEBOOK ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ONE PAGER to ★;u=2651673


DACX Exchange Commodity Exchange

Since the beginning of cryptocurrency, there have been many crypto projects that have been built for commodity exchange and have been ignited, but so far no project has done that. DACX bridges the gap between physical goods and digital assets, promoting the reuse of limited resources to promote a global circle economy. By hosting advanced security features, DACX implements machine learning to monitor the market in real time to prevent suspicious activity and security threats & use KYC / AML on the machine. fly for its customers.Financial markets are markets where people trade financial securities and commodities with low-value transaction costs and at prices that reflect supply and demand.Digital currency or electronic currency is a type of currency that is only available in digital form, not physically like paper money and coins. It shows properties that are similar to physical currencies, but allow for instant transactions and unlimited ownership transfers. Examples include virtual currencies and cryptocurrency or even central banks that issue digital base money. Like traditional money, this currency can be used to buy physical goods and services, but it can also be limited to certain communities such as for use in online games or social networking.In this case the organization creates a platform to overcome financial market gaps with the digital economy. DACX is an economic platform designed to bridge the gap between old financial markets and emerging digital asset ecosystems. DACX adds confidence in the fragmented landscape of new digital assets to handle complex transactions quickly and transparently when matching orders and eliminating market inefficiencies. DACX builds digital asset management tools and develops an interface that allows customers to get the full benefits of a smart economy around the world.For further development, we have a vision to become a unifying bridge between the old financial markets and the emerging digital economy. And also the mission to be achieved in our project is to become a trusted provider of digital currency and regional authority on blockchain technology, to make smart economies work for everyone through empowerment, transparency, and innovation around the world.PLATFORM EXCHANGE EXCHANGE PLATFORMDigital Assets & Commodity Exchange uses artificial intelligence and high-performance computing technology, which is optimized to provide efficient, safe and market-appropriate product solutions for institutional and retail class customers. Our emphasis is on the fractionalization of all forms of assets and commodities through tokenization. To bring more opportunities to be included in all types of investors, which in turn adds further liquidity to this traditional market.DACX bridges the gap between physical commodities and digital assets, promoting the reuse of limited resources to drive the global circular economy. By hosting advanced security features, DACX implements machine learning for real-time market surveillance to prevent suspicious activity and security threats & utilizes KYC / AML on-boarding for its clients.Financial ExclusionsFinancial exclusion refers to the process where people have difficulty accessing and / or using financial services and products in the main market that suits their needs and enable them to lead a normal social life in the community where they are.Poor Customer SupportCustomer service is the key to any business, companies that continue to provide poor customer service can go out of business. Today’s customers have so many choices and will turn to competitors if found with poor service experience. Whatever your business type, your customers always want to be heard and treated well.Some challenges are seen in our industry:1. Response time2. Don’t have the answer to that question3. Failure to understand what the customer wants4. Accept responsibility5. Resolution – Leave a customer complaint unresolvedThis can cause many side effects, for example; 1. Broken reputation2. Lost business & returning customers3. Lost our best employees4. Lack of respect where the key to winning your customers is treating them with respect. DACX ExchangeNew technology enables global businesses to reach new audiences around the world to ensure a path for international clients now than ever before. Organizations have been hampered by not ensuring multi-language support is part of an ongoing strategy, customers must always be at the core of your business goals, and part of this gives them a seamless experience.Multilingual help desk, whether at home or obtained through an outsourcing company is key as the product grows. A trade matching machine is software that is used to match purchase orders, offers, and with sell orders, offers. This is the most important part of every exchange because that is what allows users to trade with each other and all the reasons why they are registered on the platform. Trading matching machines follow an algorithm that determines the set of rules they must obey, how it works, how many orders they can handle on how many pairs and how long it will take. Multi-thread processes are more profitable, but only a few crypto exchanges implement them because they require more work, experience,Security1. Hot Wallet This is a wallet that is stored on our internal servers for frequent transfers. Only a small portion of the funds will be saved for frequent transfers. All Hot Wallets come in encrypted form and the decryption key is only applied by authorized personnel at predetermined intervals to approve outgoing transactions. This prevents the loss of assets if our internal server is compromised.2. HSM Semi-Cold Wallet Protected. This wallet is an outdoor office wallet that is held by all enterprise hardware wallet solutions with governance, multisig, and access limits imposed by the Hardware Security Machine. Some signatures from authorized personnel are needed to approve transactions and restrict access to private network terminals.3. Hardware Wallet Integration A comment about the integration of the Ledger nano hardware wallet, and X (with pictures)4. Cold Wallet This wallet is kept offline and transactions are signed on an offline computer by senior management executives.The most prominent advantage of the DACX mentioned is participation in GFIN and GFIN cross-border trials with many regulators involved, including:

  • Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA), Bank of Lithuania (LB)
  • Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC), financiers Autorite des marchés (AMF Québec), Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)
  • Bahrain Central Bank (CBB), Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS), Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC), LB
  • British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC), BMA, JFSC, LB, MAS
  • Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and FCA
  •  .
  • This shows that DACX is important and expected in the coming years. DACX will have a great solution

activeDACX Exchange will list USD coins and stable BTC pairs for all high cap exchange coins and utility tokens. We will make a list by taking input from community members. More coins will be added over time. We generally only add exchange coins and utility tokens that have strong credibility, user base and liquidity. For existing or future projects that wish to be listed on the DACX Foundry for the main offer or for secondary market trading on the DACX Exchange, must achieve the benefits and costs of our promotion list. The DACX Exchange platform can be adjusted in terms of technological and practical applications, therefore, in Q1 2020 we intend to have a phased STO for primary issuance and secondary trading.We will launch the platforms in the following order: 1. Coin trading & utility utilities2. Main offer and trade secondary market security tokens3. Crypto Currency Margin Trading4. Trade the Fiat currency margin5. DEFIPlatform supported1. We will provide cross-platform trading clients to:2. Web-based trading client3. Android native client4. iOS native client5. REST API6. Web socket Some of DACX’s main features are, but are not limited to: 2FACrypto to FiatRail & Settlement BankingAnti DDOSHardware Wallet SupportCastingMultiSignature WalletUniversal Wallet-Remit Cross border paymentsKartu Debit VirtualSecurity TokenAffiliate / Referral ProgramDACX offers an Affiliate / Referral program to increase brand awareness where prizes are available based on various levels of verification and hold. The total number of DACX prizes is limited to a maximum of 5,000,000 tokens. Prizes will be distributed at the end of the campaign based on the completion period.We will launch the platforms in the following order: 1. Trading coin exchange places & Utility utilities2. The secondary market’s main supply and trade is Security Tokens3. Crypto Currency Margin Trading4. Trade Fiat currency margins5. DEFIPlatform supported1. We will provide cross-platform trading clients to:2. Web-based trading client3. Android native client4. iOS native client5. REST API6. Web socket Some of DACX’s main features are, but are not limited to: 2FACrypto to FiatRail & Settlement BankingAnti DDOSHardware Wallet SupportCastingMultiSignature WalletUniversal Wallet-Remit Cross border paymentsKartu Debit VirtualSecurity TokenAffiliate / Referral ProgramDACX offers an Affiliate / Referral program to increase brand awareness where prizes are available based on various levels of verification and hold. The total number of DACX prizes is limited to a maximum of 5,000,000 tokens. Prizes will be distributed at the end of the campaign based on the completion period.Token DACX (DACX)We have published our own utility token, called DACX Token. A strict limit of 786,786,786 DACX has been created, never increasing and total supply will decrease through frequent token burning. The DACX token will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain under the ERC 20 token standard.Universal WalletUniversal Wallet is a core storage unit of DACX Remit. It uses DLT, traditional banking, and custodians to keep the following types of assets in one wallet: Fiat MoneyCrypto CurrencyUtility TokenToken Keamanan (STO)Stable CoinsCommodity Token distribution

 DACX Road Map 

  • September 2019 – pre-registration
  • October 2019 – pre-launch DOE
  • Q4 2019 – Launch of the exchange
  • Q4 2019 – Fiat Gateways 
  • Q1 2020 – expanding operational jurisdiction in the EU and Asia
  • Q1 2020 – cross-border payments
  • Q1 2020 – Integration of service stations
  • Q1 2020 – Kartu Debit Virtual
  • First quarter of 2020 – Bridge Remit & Exchange
  • Q2 2020 – trade margin
  • Q2 2020 – DEFI – Loans 
  • Q2 2020 – Extend operational jurisdiction to AN

 Tim  DACX1. ZISHAN CHODRI: Founder | CEO2. FRANCE CLERKS: Head of Marketing3 LISA LI: Regional Marketing and Communication4 TARIMA ISMAIL: cybersecurity and blockchain engineer5 CURTIS PAVLIK: Regional sales and operations6 JAMES WAKETT: Regional Business Development7 FRASS MASROOR: Complete Stack Developer8. UMAIR JAWAID: DevOps & Platform Engineer9 PETER MACDONALD: Business Strategy and PartnershipAdvisor1. RICHARD GARDNER: CEO Modulus Global2 LORENCE KIRK: CEO of Extropy.IO

Conclusions ofExchanges are a source of crypto currencies, so they must be user friendly, provide liquidity for the industry as a whole, and are very safe. The emergence of security tokens will be very large in this space, and once again exchanges that achieve full regulation and compliance will become dominant in the crypto / blockchain arena in the future.For more accurate information, follow the link below:


2Ether ist eine neue digitale Münze, die auf der Ethereum-Blockchain basiert

2Ether ist eine neue Gabelung von Ethereum, die einen innovativen Raum für IEO-Starts, dezentralen Handel, intelligentes Vertragsdesign und Crowdfunding-Startups schaffen soll. 
Ethereum ist eine Umrechnungswährung. Das Angebot wächst weiter und es gibt keine Obergrenze für das Angebot der ETH. Eigentlich ist es das Gleiche wie jede Fiat-Währung. Möglicherweise wird eine Reihe von USD ausgegeben, weil die US-Regierung drucken möchte. Übrigens ist die Situation ganz anders als bei Bitcoin, wo die Obergrenze bei 21 Millionen BTC liegt – und ab diesem Zeitpunkt kein BTC mehr abgebaut wird.
Der Unterschied zwischen dem USD und der Veränderung der ETH besteht darin, dass der neue Äther nach einem Algorithmus abgebaut wird. Sie können jederzeit berechnen, dass die neue ETH innerhalb der nächsten 24 Stunden, Wochen oder Monate in der Hauptkette zählt. Derzeit beträgt der Blockpreis beispielsweise 2 ETH pro Block, und die durchschnittliche Blockzeit beträgt 20 Sekunden. So entstehen jede Minute rund 6 neue ETHs, jede Stunde 6 * 60 = 360 ETH und alle 24 Stunden 360 * 24 = 8640 ETH.
Unsere Mission
Wir möchten die besten Community-Ideen auswählen und zum Leben erwecken, um einen Rahmen zu schaffen, in dem sich die vielversprechendsten Bergleute, Entwickler und Infrastrukturprojekte entwickeln können. 
Was ist das Besondere an 2Ether?
Mithilfe neuer Datenanalysealgorithmen sammeln wir die besten Erkenntnisse, Verbesserungsvorschläge und Startups. Dank 2Ether können Sie in nur zwei Tagen IEO starten und eine Finanzierung für Ihre Idee erhalten. 
Herausforderungen und Lösungen
2 Niemand verspricht unangefochtene Übertragungsgeschwindigkeiten oder Sofortübertragungen zum Nachweis des Eigentums und anderer Technologien, die es noch nicht gibt. Stattdessen bieten wir Lösungen für echte Netzwerkprobleme und Anwendungsfälle, die einfach zu implementieren sind.
Das problem
• Blockgeschenke für Bergleute nehmen weiter ab
• IEO Fundraising ist zu teuer und unzuverlässig
• Die verfügbaren Prüfungsdienste haben ein niedriges Preis- / Leistungsverhältnis
• Die meisten Mittel werden für Listings ausgegeben, nicht für die Entwicklung
• Dynamische und spezifische Belohnungen für Missionen
• Die IEO-Plattform arbeitet automatisch mit einem direkten Register
• Kostenlose Crowdsourcing-Audits für Smart- und AI-Verträge
• Standardmäßiger dezentraler Austausch ohne Registrierungsgebühren 
Innovative Funktionen
2Ether bietet ein praktisches, kostengünstiges Launchpad für Startups, mit dem alle Benutzer belohnt werden, die vom Netzwerk profitieren.
Real, um im Geschäft der realen Welt eingesetzt zu werden
Der Schlüssel zur Marktstrategie von 2Ether ist der Aufbau von Partnerschaften mit globalen und regionalen Krypto-Zahlungs-Gateways und Online-Unternehmen – E-Commerce-Shops, Spieleplattformen, Crowdfunding-Sites usw.
Kostenlose Prüfung von intelligenten Verträgen
Für Projekte, die IEO einrichten, ist die intelligente Vertragsüberwachung ein wichtiger Schritt. Senden Sie potenziellen Investoren Audits für ihre sicheren Fonds. Leider verursachen Blockchain-Agenturen enorme Kosten für Vertrags-Audits – und liefern nicht immer zuverlässige Ergebnisse.
Vollständige IEO-Automatisierung
Das ursprüngliche Umtauschangebot hat ICO als bevorzugte Spendenmethode abgelöst. Leider entwickelte sich daraus schnell eine Branche. Große Börsen kosten Hunderttausende von Dollar, um IEO zu starten – und garantieren keinen Erfolg.
2 weitere DEX
Wir haben 2EtherDEX entwickelt, um das Beste aus beiden Welten herauszuholen. Es bietet vollautomatische Auftragsausführung in der Kette und Schutz vor Kugeln gegen Hackerangriffe. 
Details zu ET2-Tokens 

  • Symbol: ET2
  • Blockchain: 2Ether (ursprünglich aus Ethereum)
  • Dezimalzahl: 18
  • Mining-Algorithmus: Nachweis der Arbeit mit Anreizen für CPU / GPU-Miner
  • Durchschnittliche Blockierzeit: 60 Sekunden 

2019Q2 2019
Teambildung & Ideen
Q3 2019
Planungs- und Codiergabeln
Q4 2019
Netzwerk- und Preiskampagne starten
2020Q1 2020
Start der dezentralen Vertreibung
Q2 20202
Ether Wallet 2.0 Release & Gateway integriert
Q3 2020
Einführung in CrowdsourcedSmart-Vertragsaudits
Q4 2020
Die erste Plattformimplementierung von IEO und IEO
2021Q1 2021
AI-Algorithmus für fertige Prüfungsverträge
Q2 2021
AI-basierte Vertragsaudits und IEO-Evaluierungen

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter dem folgenden offiziellen Link des Projekts:


Nexxus Rewards

Community Cooperative Solutions that Have Real Utility

Nexxus  is another example of a cryptocurrency business killer application that creates buyers’ requests for real utility on their own. Nexxus Token is the internal currency of Nexxus Rewards, which is a solution for community collaboration to continuously fund important local social goals. It generates revenue from unique and innovative, risk-free and affordable solutions for local traders to get and retain new customers.Every shopping transaction drives buyer demand for Nexxus tokens. It does not depend on speculative trade. Traders offer a percentage of sales to buyers on Nexxus tokens. Tokens are bought from the public exchange with merchant funds, which they gladly pay to get and keep new customers. Nexxus Rewards has a unique joint reward program that allows buyers to collect and redeem points at any merchant such as cash.Nexxus is a great example of a Trojan-Horse strategy to cross the chasm into mainstream adoption. Nexxus Rewards is an evolutionary enhancement marketing solution that includes a default revolutionary cryptocurrency payment gateway. When the public is ready to start using cryptocurrency to buy goods and services, all Nexxus traders can automatically receive one of the top 10+ cryptocurrency.Cryptocurrency is annoying, but more people need to understand it to be truly transformational. Nexxus has chosen a series of services designed to help popularize cryptocurrency. They revolve around Nexxus Rewards –   Global Rewards Community  . The merchant loyalty program suffers from several problems that can be uniquely solved by blockchain technology. Because Nexxus Rewards resolves some industry-specific issues, it will help the overall cause of cryptocurrency adoption.The core technology is Nexxus Rewards – a global gift community. Nexxus Rewards facilitates the use of cryptocurrency in a win-win-win situation for traders, buyers and local communities. Buyers have mobile and desktop applications to find Nexxus merchants to collect and exchange Nexxus Prize points. Nexxus Merchants has Nexxus promotional ads in their stores. Nexxus Rewards technology has begun operating with beta traders currently offering free cash back prizes to buyers.Nexxus Partners has a strong technology background and has developed all of its technology internally for years. All technologies, including the Nexxus Global Rewards system and many supporting services such as the Nexxus University Learning Management System (LMS), the Nexxus Barter system, and the Direct Sales Management system are all developed, owned and controlled by Nexxus without third party dependency. for critical functionality. This allows Nexxus to move quickly with improvements and improvements to meet the changing needs of the business environment.HOW EVERYONE WORKS

Traders decide what percentage of sales they will offer as gifts to shoppers based on their profit margins. Businesses with low margins such as gas stations or grocery stores may only be able to offer 1% – 2% prizes. Businesses with high margins such as hair salons or laundry can offer 15% – 20% or more. Prizes directly to the shopper.Traders also pay small marketing fees for valuable Nexxus Reward services. Marketing costs are a match of the percentage of their prizes up to 5%. If the merchant offers a 1% prize then their marketing fee is only 1%. If they offer a 20% prize then their marketing fee is only 5%. Marketing costs are gross income for Nexxus Rewards and are used, among others, to pay shopper referrals and to fund charity for their assistance with shopper purchases.

For example; The church is referring to Buyer # 1 who is referring to buyer # 2 making a $ 100 purchase from Merchant offering a 10% discount.1. Merchant collects $ 100 from Shopper # 2 using any payment method that is acceptable.2. Traders enter prize transactions for Shopper # 2.3. The merchant pays $ 10 which is used to buy the Nexxus Token for $ 1.00 from a public exchange for the shopper prize.4. Traders pay $ 5 for marketing fees.5. Nexxus Rewards gives Shopper # a $ 10 shopping credit that they can see in their mobile applications to be redeemed like cash at each Nexxus merchant.6. The Nexxus Prize gives 10% of the marketing costs as a reference prize of $ 0.50 to Shopper # 1 which refers in the form of a shopping credit that can be exchanged like cash at each Nexxus trader.7. The Nexxus Gift gives 20% of marketing costs as $ 1.00 in cash to the referring Church.

During the sale of the IEO Nexxus Token, all NXR token buyers are given the Buy Back option for all or part of the purchased tokens.When the Nexxus Rewards buys the Nexxus Token from the public exchange to give to the shopper as a gift for a shopping transaction, it first looks to fulfill each Buyback option.1. Buyback option holders are contacted in the order of purchasing Nexxus Tokens during IEO.2. They are given the choice to accept or reject the one-time offer to sell all or part of their Nexxus Token to the Nexxus Prize for $ 1.3. If they receive an offer, they are given specific instructions for making a sell order for the specified Nexxus Token amount of $ 1.00 each.4. The Nexxus Prize identifies sales orders on the public exchange and buys orders of $ 1.00 per token.The list of Buy Back option holders is managed in priority order based on the purchase date of the Nexxus Token during IEO.DELIVERY REAL UTILITY REAL ADVANTAGENexxus Token has real utility as an internal currency from the Nexxus Prize. Buyer requests are made from every shopping transaction and are not dependent on speculative trading.Purchasing power for Nexxus Tokens comes from merchants’ money that they gladly pay to Nexxus Rewards because it helps them find and retain new customers.


Local problems are best solved by local solutions. Local charities and non-profit organizations are always the best at solving local social challenges, whether in the local soup kitchen to feed the homeless, local shelters to protect battered women, or local animal shelters for abandoned animals.But these programs are too often underfunded and hindered by government bureaucracy, excessive spending, and a lack of timely donations.Local small and medium businesses provide the most jobs and they best understand the local needs of the community. A higher percentage of every dollar spent with a local business remains in the local community. But they struggle to compete with big companies, big stores, and national chains.20% of small businesses fail in their first year. 30% fail in the second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after 5 years.


Charities get perpetual fundraisers that are used to fund their unlimited social goals from an endless network of buyers who refer to their friends, and who tell their friends, and … You can get the picture.Traders get and retain new customers with a completely risk-free and affordable marketing solution where they pay nothing until after the sale, and when they pay, they name their price.Buyers collect and exchange Nexxus Reward points distributed like cash from all participating merchants. That free shopping dollar is only for shopping and sharing with their friends.Nexxus Rewards technology is ready for production to generate revenue with product development and market testing completed

Nexxus Token Repurchase Option

Nexxus Token buyers from the IEB ProBit token sale are offered a unique repurchase program through the Nexxus Rewards shopping rewards program.In addition to the NXR token bonus, the buyer will have the option to sell all or part of the NXR token purchased at a minimum price of $ 1.00. This option is being extended by Nexxus Rewards to IEO NXR token buyers to meet the ongoing needs of Nexxus Rewards for Nexxus Tokens, which are given to buyers as free shopping dollars with each shopping transaction.TOKENOMICS. Nexxus Token has a default buyer demand as Nexxus Rewards internal currency. Every purchase in any currency drives buyer demand and the value of the Nexxus token. Regardless of the currency used for purchases, the percentage of cash back prizes offered by merchants are automatically bought from the market in the Nexxus token.For example, if a trader offers a 10% cash back gift and the shopper spends $ 100, Nexxus Rewards takes $ 10 from the merchant and buys $ 10 Nexxus token from the public exchange. Potentially tens to hundreds of millions of dollars are valued every day at Nexxus Reward Points creating demand for exceptional utility buyers.Similar to the Ether coins used by Ethereum, Nexxus tokens have utility as the internal currency of Nexxus Rewards and can increase in value as the use of the Nexxus Rewards solution grows worldwide. Ethereum provides computing services for the programmer market, while Nexxus provides marketing services for a much larger market of traders and buyers.TOKEN SALESIMBOL: NXX – Nexxus TokenTYPES OF TOKEN: ERC20 Utility TokenCHANGE VALUE: 1 USD = 5 NXXTOTAL SUPPLY: 375.000.000SALE TOKENS: 50,000,000SOFT / HARD CAP: $ 2 million – $ 10 million USDToken DistributionTOTAL SUPPLY: 375.000.000ANGEL: 98.000.000 – 26%Use of FundsTOTAL DANA: $ 10.000.000SALES STAFF: 50.0% – $ 5,000,000ADMIN STAFF: 15.0% – $1,500,000AD: 12.5% ​​- $ 1,250,000MARKETING: 5.0% – $ 500,000COMMUNITY RELATIONS: 5.0% – $ 500,000INDUSTRIAL CONFERENCE: 5.0% – $ 500,000CAPITAL FEE: 5.0% – $ 500,000OFFICE & OVERHEAD: 2,5% – $ 250,000Nexxus Rewards Road Map1/2016 – 1/2018Product development1/2018 – 6/2019Market Testing6/2019 – 12/2019crowdfunding9/2019 – 12/2019Sales Team Acquisition & Training1/2020 – 6/2020Acquisition of Traders & Plano Charities6/2020 – 12/2020North Dallas Expansion1/2021 – 12/2021Dallas Area Expansion1/2022 – 12/2022Ft. Eligible Area Expansion

Project team






RICH ENGAGEMENTMarketing Director


GARY BERRIOCHOAVP of Business Development


MIKE SORENSENDirector of Technology


BILL RICHARDSONFinancial controller


MICHAEL BAILEYLocalization Director


Website:;u=2651673#NexxusRewards #realbusiness #cryptocurrency #Rewards #CustomerLoyalty #venture



세계에서 가장 안정적인 도박 플랫폼

스포츠 베팅은 스포츠 결과 및 설정 결과를 예측합니다. 스포츠 베팅 빈도는 문화에 따라 다릅니다. 대부분의 파티는 축구 협회, 자동차 경주, 아마추어 및 전문가 수준에 배치됩니다.

Clevebet  은 사람들이 언제 어디서나 베팅 할 수 있도록합니다.

Clevebet 플랫폼  에서  사용자는 다양한 스포츠에 베팅 할 수 있습니다. 다른 베팅 플랫폼은 종종 책과 함께 작동하므로 플레이어의 안전성과 불편 함이 줄어 듭니다.

에서  Clevebet, 플레이어는 완전히 새롭고 흥미로운 규칙과 놀이터를 만들어 서로 직접 재생할 수 있습니다. 우리는 플레이어로부터 최소 비용을 청구함으로써 플랫폼에서 이익을 얻을 것입니다 (많은 베팅 플랫폼보다 훨씬 저렴합니다).

Clevebet은 이더 리움 기술 및 스마트 계약을 기반으로하는 가장 안정적인 베팅 플랫폼입니다.

현재 수준에서 대량 사업이 되었음에도 불구하고 직면해야 할 몇 가지 문제가 더 있습니다. 여기에는 보안 취약점, 불공정 한 기회, 지나치게 높은 비난, 비전문가 관행 및 실망스러운 수익이 포함됩니다. 이 모든 것은 잠재적 인 플레이어를 낙담시키고 많은 사람들이 지하 베팅을 선택합니다. CVB 솔루션 덕분에 블록 체인 기술 덕분에 베팅 작업시 최대 보안 및 투명성이 보장됩니다. 이 배열에 따라 중개자는 포함되지 않습니다 : 플레이어는 베팅을 설정합니다.

어떻게 작동합니까?

CVB 플랫폼   에서 사용자는 다양한 스포츠 활동에 베팅 할 수 있습니다. 다른 베팅 플랫폼은 종종 책과 함께 작동하므로 플레이어의 안전성과 불편 함이 줄어 듭니다. CVB 플랫폼   에서 플레이어는 서로 직접 플레이하여 완전히 새롭고 흥미로운 규칙으로 놀이터를 만들 수 있습니다. 우리는 플레이어로부터 최소 비용을 청구함으로써 플랫폼의 혜택을 누릴 것입니다 (많은 베팅 플랫폼보다 훨씬 저렴합니다). 플랫폼을 출시하면 사용자는 CVB  토큰 을 입금하여  플레이합니다 ($ 11.99가 가장 낮은 베팅 값입니다).

베팅 도전

수상자에게 최소 상금이있는 게임은 $ 100,000입니다. 처음 10 점을 얻은 플레이어는 일주일 (7 일) 1000 점을 받아야합니다. 우승자의 상금은 $ 100,000입니다. 게임 참가비는 라운드 당 $ 11.99입니다 (상금 예산은 $ 10, 수수료는 1.99 포함).

경기장 100

Arena 100은 각 방에 10, 20, 50, 100 명의 플레이어가 고정되어 있습니다 (플레이어는 원하는 방을 선택할 수 있습니다). 한 방에 충분한 선수가 있으면  Clevebet  은 무작위로 베팅 할 경기를 선택합니다. 티켓은 $ 11.99, $ 22.99, $ 55.99, $ 111.99를 포함합니다.

경기장 게임

매치 오브 아레나는 경기로 시작되는 게임입니다. 각 경기는 $ 11.99의 다른 티켓 가격으로 시작하는 게임과 같습니다. 22.99 달러; $ 55.99; 111.99 달러 이 게임의 경우 모든 참가자는 배치 및 무제한 플레이어 수 (예 : Arena Game 100)의 형태로 게임을합니다. 경기는 01 시간 지속되기 전에 등록을 시작하고 경기가 처음 15 분 지속 된 후에 등록을 완료 할 수 있습니다. 게임이 시작되면 플레이어는 배치를 시작합니다.

이익 플랫폼

  1. 탁월한 지원은 커뮤니티를 중심으로합니다.
  2. 기밀 유지는 모든 수준에서 보장됩니다.
  3. 최고의 게임 경험과 경제적 인 시스템.
  4. 인터넷, Android 및 iOS와 같은 다양한 플랫폼에서 사용 가능합니다.
  5.  강력한 ERC-20 ( CVB ) 디지털 토큰을 기반으로 한 솔루션 기반의 빠른 전송 시스템  .

Clevebet  은 기존 베팅 산업이 직면 한 가장 중요한 문제를 해결하며 베팅 제공 업체 및 위치에서 플레이어와 동일한 권한을 얻습니다.

플레이어는 자신의 게임에 대한 책임이 있으며 규칙을 정하고 승리에 대한 유동성을받습니다.

전체 시스템은 진정으로 분산  되고 개방적이며 자체 규제됩니다. 블록 체인 기술을 사용하면   중개자가 완전히 불필요합니다 (일반적으로 관세에서 거의 모든 문제가 발생합니다).

이 플랫폼은 CVB  프로토콜  에서 실행되며  블록 체인 및 스마트 계약으로서 확실한 이점이 있습니다.

이것은 모든 분산 플랫폼을 제공합니다.

모든 거래는 보안을 제공하며 이것이 가장 중요합니다.

CVB 플랫폼은 세 가지 핵심 구성 요소로 구성됩니다. CVB 토큰-CVB 프로토콜-CVB 응용 프로그램 계층  CVB 네트워크에는 세 가지 기본 부분이 있으며 다음과 같습니다.

  • 프로토콜 CVB
  • 토큰 CVB
  • CVB 응용 계층

그러나 이것이 CVB 시스템에서 얻을 수있는 모든 이점이 아니라 다음과 같은 다른 것들이 있습니다.

  • 특별한 지원은 지역 사회를 중심으로합니다.
  • 활동을 더욱 즐겁게 만드는 정교한 게임 화 섹션.
  • 프라이버시는 모든 수준에서 보장됩니다.
  • 더 나은 선수 경험과 비용 효율적인 시스템.
  • 인터넷, Android 및 iOS와 같은 여러 플랫폼에서 사용 가능합니다.
  • 항상 신뢰할 수있는 디지털 ERC-20 토큰 (CVB)이 지원하는 솔루션 기반의 빠른 전송 시스템.

토큰 판매 세부 사항

  • 시작 날짜 : 2019 년 10 월
  • 종료일 : 2020 년 6 월
  • 소프트 캡 : 1.000.000 CVB
  • 하드 캡 : 10.000.000 CVB
  • 토큰 : CVB 표시
  • 시작 가격 : 1 CVB = $ 1
  • 토큰 판매 : 0 CVB (0 %)
  • 토큰 판매 : 0 CVB (0 %)


CVB ERC-20 토큰 : 전체 플랫폼의 기초를 형성합니다. 모든 거래와 생태계 지불의 일부는 그것에 달려 있습니다.

신청 특징 :

  1. 많은 팀에서 항상 베팅
  2. 내부 플레이어 채팅 기능
  3. 그룹 행사 및 리더 보드와 같은 탁월한 사회적 특성
  4. 포괄적 인 입찰 기록 및 통계
  5. 안전한 지갑 및 인출 옵션
  6. 사용자 친화적 인 인터페이스

토큰 세일

시작 날짜 : 2019 년 10 월종료일 : 2020 년 6 월소프트 캡 : 1,000,000 CVB하드 캡 : 10,000,000 CVB토큰 : CVB 토큰시작가 : 1 CVB = $ 1토큰 세일 : 0 CVB (0 %)토큰 세일 : 0 CVB (0 %)

토큰 판매가 할당을 진행합니다

마케팅 : 35 %관리 팀 : 5 %프로젝트 개발 : 45 %법적 절차 : 5 %상금 : 10 %

토큰 분배

ICO 판매 : 75 %개발팀 : 20 %에어 드랍 및 바운티 : 5 %


우리 팀

하 판 : 설립자 겸 CEOGiang Tong : 리드 마케팅Quan Pham : 리드 판매Tung Nguyen : 블록 체인 앱 개발자Long Le : 커뮤니티 관리자정보

Stan World

스탠 월드

가상 세계를 현실 세계로 만드는 플랫폼


‘Open World’는 사용자가 모든 권한을 가질 수있는 게임을 설명하는 단어입니다. 목표는 미션을 완료하는 것이 아니라 최소한의 캐릭터 제한을 탐색하고 생성하여 게이머가 자유롭게 가상 세계를 탐색하고 변경할 수 있도록하는 것입니다. 이것은 운명과 시뮬레이션 게임을 사용자의 손에 맡기고 자신 만의 스토리 라인을 만들 수있는 자유를줍니다. 이 개념을 처음으로 대체 한 것은 2001 년에 출시 된 GTA 3이었고 2009 년에 Minecraft가 출시되었습니다.이 게임은 인기 측면에서 PUBG, League of Legends 및 Fortnite와 같은 거대한 게임과 경쟁하여 매년 수백만 명의 사용자를 끌어 들이고 있습니다. 올해까지 ‘Open World’게임 산업은 Microsoft가 Minecraft를 25 억 달러의 가치로 인수하면서 큰 성공을 거두었으며 Roblox는 25 억 달러의 가치를 달성하여 게임이 엄격한 스토리 라인을 가져야한다고 생각하는 비평가들을 제압했습니다. AI 제작 도구와 가상 현실 사용을 통해 오픈 월드 게임 화의 측면을 소셜 미디어와 통합하여 사용자에게 높은 수준의 보존력을 제공하는 차세대 경험을 제공합니다.

Stan World는 VR, 블록 체인 및 AI가 지원하는 차세대 소셜 미디어입니다. 이것은 1992 년에서 2005 년 사이에 태어난 Gen-Z, 10 대 청소년 및 청년 성인-대중이 대중적으로 채택 할 수있는 블록 체인 / 암호화 업계의 첫 번째 플랫폼이 될 것입니다. Gen-Z가 미디어를 소비하고 온라인으로 통신하는 방식은 변화하고 있습니다. 따라서, 우리는 새로운 방식으로 친구 찾기 및 봉사 활동을 재정의 할 Stan World를 만들었습니다. 2020 년까지 Gen-Z는 모든 소비자의 40 %를 기여하고 거의 40 억 달러의 임의 지출에 영향을 미치므로시기가 맞습니다.

그러나 Stan World 소개 Stan World 는 단순한 소셜 플랫폼 이상입니다. 그것이 세상입니다. 사용자는 다음을 통해 새로운 방식으로 친구를 찾습니다.
• 가상 현실 : 몰입 형 3D 가상 세계에서 모방 된 대면 대화를 통해 사교 활동
• 가상 아바타 : 원하는대로 설정하고 완전히 사용자 정의 가능한 아바타를 통해 자신의 정체성을 표현합니다.
• 가상 커뮤니티 : 참여 동일한 관심사 / 취미를 기반으로 수집하는 사용자 커뮤니티 인 Standoms
• 가상 활동 : 영화 감상, 콘서트 참석, 게임, 놀이 공원 이용 또는 가상 세계에서 함께 휴식

우리 세상의 모든 것은 공동체가 완전히 설계하고 만들고 운영합니다.
AI 기반 제작 도구를 통해 배경 지식이없는 각 사용자 또는 친구 그룹은 다음과 같이 커뮤니티에 기여할 수 있습니다.

• 제작자 : 키워드를 사용하여 가상 개체를 생성하여 항목, 경험 및 게임을 만듭니다.
• 사용자 : 테스트, 검토 및 홍보와 같은 다양한 형태의 참여를 통해이 창작물에 기여

Stan World의 주요 통화 인 Stan Coin은 모든 속성을 검증하고 되돌릴 수없는 블록 체인 스마트 계약으로 보장됩니다. Google은 블록 체인을 사용하여 제작자 / 사용자가 자동, 안전 및 즉각적인 보상을 받도록합니다.
스탠 동전의 사용의 넓은 범위 암호 화폐 유틸리티입니다 :
자신의 작품에서 발생하는 수익의 가장 큰 비율을지고의 창조자 다음 보상의 창조 •
• 인센티브 참여 : 그들은 같은 테스트와 같은 참여 활동을 통해 기여 할 때 사용자도 검토, 보상을, 그리고 생성을 촉진
• 현실 세계를 브리징 : 거래는 가상 세계뿐만 아니라 사용자가 동전을 서로 바꿔 사용할 수있는 실제 세계에서도 이루어집니다.

우리는 블록 체인 기술을 통해 모든 참가자에게 평등하고 공정한 혜택을 제공하도록 Stan World 생태계를 설계했습니다.

Stan World에 대한 액세스는 현재 Stan Coin 보유자에게만 열려 있으며 이제 Stan Coin 판매 라운드를 시작하고 있습니다.

판매는 제한적이므로, 개설하고 신세계 최초의 시민 중 하나가 될 때 반드시 참여하십시오!플랫폼 특징 :

  • 아바타 :  완벽하게 사용자 정의 할 수있는 아바타를 통해 자신의 정체성을 표현하고 원하는 것
  • 커뮤니티 :  공통 관심사를 기반으로 사용자 커뮤니티가 수집 한 표준에 참여
  • 활동 :  영화를 보거나, 콘서트를하고, 게임을하고, 놀이 공원에 가거나 가상 세계에서 함께 휴식

Stan World는 새로운 형태의 새로운 기회, 새로운 형태의 소셜 네트워킹을 도입 할 계획 인 프로젝트입니다. 인공 지능 기술, 가상 현실 및 블록 체인 덕분에이 새로운 형태의 소셜 네트워킹은 혁신적이고 혁신적입니다.또한 전체 암호화 / 블록 체인 업계에서 새로운 세대에 의해 진정한 대량 수용을받는 최초의 플랫폼이 될 것입니다. 이것은 유전자와 Z가 미디어를 사용하고 인터넷에서 대화하는 방식이 바뀌었을 때 1992 년에서 2005 년 사이에 태어난 사람들을위한 것입니다.

Stan World를 사용하면 친구를 사귀고 채팅하는 방법을 포함하여 대부분의 사람들이 완전히 재정의됩니다. 변경 사항을 적용 할 수있는 고유 한 새로운 방법을 제공하기 때문에 변경 사항이 더 잘 구현 될 수 있습니다. Stan World를 통해 사용자는 원하는 방식으로 최고의 세상을 만들고 편집 할 수 있습니다. 그리고 모든 암호화 / 블록 체인 기반 프로젝트에서와 같이 Stan World는 현재 preICO 단계에있는 STAN 머니 인 자체 암호화 자금을 보유하게됩니다.이미 언급했듯이 Stan World는 현재 preICO 단계에 있으며 9 월 26 일에 시작하여 10 월 17 일에 8 일만에 종료됩니다. 그 후 ICO는 같은 날에 시작되어 올해 11 월 7 일까지 지속됩니다. 이 프로젝트는 이더 리움 네트워크에서 개발 된 유틸리티 인 STAN 토큰을 판매합니다. 다시 말해, 이것은 또 다른 ERC-20 마커이지만 기대를 충족시킬 수있는 큰 잠재력을 가지고 있습니다. 또한 이것은 실제로 ICO가 아니라 IEO이며 Probit Launchpad에서 제공됩니다.이것은 훨씬 더 큰 안전성과 신뢰성을 제공합니다. 프로젝트는 보너스, 상금 및 MVP를 제공해야합니다. 이 프로젝트는 BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, ADA, LTC 및 USD를 포함한 다양한 유형의 암호화를받습니다. 최소 투자액은 100 달러에 불과합니다. 한편,이 프로젝트는 페이퍼 백이 5 백만 달러, 하드 커버가 3 천만 달러라고 결정했습니다. 결과적으로 Stan World는 미국에 등록되어 있으며 공간이 거의 없습니다. 참여하고자하는 사람은 반드시 KYC 및 화이트리스트 절차를 거쳐야하지만 이것이 유일한 요구 사항입니다.● 토큰 : STAN WORLD
● 기호 : STAN
● 프로토콜 : ERC-20 이더 리움 네트워크
● 배송 : 1,000,000,000
● 하드 커버 : $ 30,000,000
● 소프트 커버 : $ 5,000,000
● 판매 날짜 : 2009 년 9 월 26 일 UTC 06 : 00–31.10.2009 UTC 06:00
● 최소 예치금 : $ 100
● 코스 : 1 표준 코인 = $ 0.10 ~ $ 0.75

토큰 세일

  • ICO 시작 날짜 : 2019 년 9 월 26 일
  • ICO 종료일 : 2019 년 10 월 31 일
  • 소프트 캡 : 5.000.000 USD (fiat)
  • 하드 커버 크기 : 30,000,000 USD (피아트)

디테일 토큰

  • 토큰 : 월드 스테이
  • 심볼 : STATE
  • 프로토콜 : 네트워크 에테 리움 ERC-20
  • 공급 : 1,000,000,000
  • 최소 기부금 : $ 100 USD
  • 닐라이 : 1 스탠 코인 = $ 0,10 USD

자금 배분

  • 50 %-개발
  • 10 %-수술
  • 10 % – 법률
  • 10 %-마케팅
  • 10 %-제작자 기금
  • 10 %-제안

토큰 할당

  • 55 % – 토큰 세일
  • 15 % – 팀
  • 10 % – 미트라
  • 10 %-마케팅
  • 10 %-제안

보너스 프로그램1 차 : $ 0.10 USD, 15 % 보너스, 2019 / 09 / 26-2019 / 10/032 차 : $ 0.25 USD, 10 % 보너스, 2019/10 / 03-2019 / 10/103 차 : $ 0.50 USD, 5 % 보너스, 2019/10 / 10-2019 / 10/174 차 : $ 0.75 USD, 5 % 보너스, 2019 / 10 / 17-2019 / 10/245 라운드 : $ 0.75 USD, 3 % 보너스, 2019/10/242019/10/31도로지도


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전보 :   https : // t. 저 / stanworld
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매체 : / 스탠 월드
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Asclepius Network

아스클레피오스 네트워크

 세계에서 가장 앞선 의료 서비스

오늘날 의학에서는 지역별, 부별로 의료 서비스 제공에있어 불평등이 나타나고 있으며, 한편으로는 인공 지능 및 오 믹스와 같은 의학 관련 분야의 꾸준한 발전과 발견으로 뒷받침되는 최첨단 의료 서비스의 급속한 발전을 목격하고 있습니다 . 다른 한편으로, 우리는 많은 사람들이 최소한 전 세계의 많은 지역에서 유전자 기반의 개별 의약품을 제외하고는 기본적인 의료 서비스를 받기 위해 고군분투하고 있다는 사실을 무시할 수 없습니다. 우리는 오늘날 세상에 존재하는 불평등을 바로 잡기 위해 노력하고 싶습니다.

우리의 임무는 정보 기술에 대한 지식과 전문 지식을 사용하여 전 세계 모든 사람이 최신 의료 서비스와 기술을 이용할 수있는 길을 개척하는 것입니다.

우리는 전세계 모든 시민이 가장 진보 된 의료 지식과 전문 지식을 활용할 수있는 전세계 의료 네트워크를 구상합니다.

우리는 고대 그리스 신 의학 Asclepius에 따르면 Asclepius 네트워크라고 상상 한 네트워크를 명명했습니다. 그리스 신들 덕분에 우리는 많은 사람들로부터 열렬한지지를받을만큼 운이 좋았습니다.

우리는 아직 긴 여정을 시작하고 있지만 네트워크에 참여하겠다는 의사를 밝힌 많은 사람들로부터 연락을 받았습니다. 전자 의료 기록을 처리하는 데있어 특허 기술에서 입증 된 실적은 기술에서의 우리의 강점을 분명히 보여줍니다.

우리의 실적이 뒷받침 된 기술의 힘으로, 우리는이 전세계 아시아 네트워크를 구축하는 프로젝트를 시작했습니다.

전 세계 모든 사람이 의료 서비스를 최고 수준으로 이용할 수 있도록하십시오

최첨단 의료 분야에서 지식과 역량의 통합

이러한 이유로, 우리는 공유 지식에 대한 최첨단 의료에 관한 정보를 전 세계에서 수집하고 통합 할 것입니다.사용자가 공유 자산 서비스를 이용할 수 있도록하는 시스템은 궁극적으로 전 세계 모든 사람이 이용할 수있는 가장 진보 된 의료 서비스를 제공 할 것입니다.최신 진단 및 제약 정보, 전문 지식 및 모든 것을 결합한 데이터 플랫폼을 관리함으로써 최신 의료 지식 및 전문 지식을 통합하고 글로벌 의료 정보 플랫폼을 보완 할 수 있습니다.

ASCAa Lab 만들기

우리는 우리가 개발할 글로벌 의료 정보 네트워크 인 Asclepius 네트워크에 가상 실험실 ASCAa Lab을 구축 할 것입니다.ASCAa Lab은 전세계의 주요 의료 연구원들이 참여할 수있는 가상 연구 환경을 제공 할 것입니다. 그들은 전 세계의 의료 기록뿐만 아니라 통합되고 정교한 의료 지식과 의료 지식에 의존 할 수 있습니다.통합 데이터를 사용하여 개발할 시스템 중 하나는 AI 기반 진단 이미징 기반 AI 기반 진단 시스템입니다.연구 결과는 다양한 회사에서 전 세계 모든 사람들의 건강을 개선하는 데 사용됩니다.건강 정보 외에도 전문 지식을 바탕으로 명성이 높은 제품을 신중하게 선택하고 실제 효과와 매우 신뢰할 수있는 정보로 제품을 인증합니다. 우리는 ASCAa Lab 인증 건강 관리 제품에 대한 정보를 전세계 사람들에게 제공함으로써 증거 기반 건강 증진을 지원할 것입니다.

가장 정교한 의료 정보를위한 플랫폼 개발

우리의 목표는 가장 정교한 의료 서비스를위한 “의료 정보 플랫폼”을 개발하는 것입니다. 우리는 블록 체인 및 암호화 기술을 사용하여이 목표를 달성 할 것입니다.

  1. 진위 : 의료 정보에는 기밀 정보가 포함되어 있습니다. 전문 지식과 지식의 통합을 위해 수집 된 가장 정교한 의료에 대한 정보는 물론 진단 기록 및 건강 검진과 같은 개인 정보가 포함 된 의료 기록도 위조해서는 안됩니다.
  2. 안전 : 블록 체인에 저장된 환자 기록 및 의료 정보는 삭제해서는 안됩니다.
  3. 가용성 : 최신 의료 서비스를 지원하는 의료 정보 시스템은 중단없이 연중 무휴 운영되어야합니다.
  4. 확장 성 : 시스템은 미래에 최신 정보를 유지할 수 있도록 의료 정보, 환자 기록 및 건강 검진 데이터의 기하 급수적 인 증가를 고려해야합니다.

이 시스템은 cryptocurrency 기술의 기반이되는 블록 체인 기술 만 사용하여 이러한 모든 문제를 처리 할 수 ​​있습니다.개인 진단 데이터 및 건강 검사 데이터가 포함 된 의료 기록뿐만 아니라 최신 의료 서비스에 대한 통합 전문 지식 및 지식에 대한 의료 정보는 위조로부터 보호되어야합니다. . 또한 각 메모에는 매우 사적인 정보가 포함되어 있으므로 매우 암호화되어 있습니다. 이 기술은 정보를 검증하고 운영을위한 빅 데이터를 보호합니다.또한 블록 체인 기술을 사용하면 예기치 않은 이벤트가 여러 노드에서 발생하는 경우 데이터 손실을 방지하고 의료 시스템이 중단없이 계속 작동 할 수 있습니다.

세계에서 가장 진보 된 의학 지식을 통합하는 길에

Asclepius Network 프로젝트에 대한 비전이 아무리 우수하고 의료 블록 체인 시스템에 대한 광범위한 정보가 무엇이든, 우리는 통합, 관리 및 관리하고 사용할 수 없다면 궁극적으로 모든 정보를 대형 폐기물 블록으로 바꿉니다. 우리는 의료 블록 체인 시스템을 구축 할뿐만 아니라 의료 및 의료 정보를 통합하고 사용하기위한 소프트웨어도 개발할 것입니다.

이 단계는 프로젝트 “Asclepius Network”의 첫 번째 단계입니다.

많은 사람들이이 도구가 위에서 언급 한 상황에서 의사와 다른 사용자를 도울 수 있는지 궁금 할 것입니다. 이러한 과제를 해결하기위한 핵심은 오늘날 소개하는 서비스에 있습니다.많은 사람들이이 장치가 지구상의 모든 사람에게 의료 서비스를 제공 할 수 있는지 궁금 할 것입니다. 이 도전에 대한 답변은이 서비스에서 다시 찾을 수 있습니다.이 서비스는 의료 블록 체인 시스템의 핵심 인 전문 지식과 지식의 최첨단 통합에 대한 소개 역할을하며 궁극적으로이 시스템에서 빠져 나옵니다.여기에는 모든 의사를위한 전자 환자 파일 시스템과 모든 사람을위한 건강 증진 응용 프로그램이 있습니다.

ASCAa ESDM을 통한 정보 수집

ASCAa-EMR 전자 환자 기록 시스템은 미래 세대의 사용을 특징으로하며 진단 정보를 시스템에 내장 할 계획입니다.일본에서는 국가 의료비 시스템의 요구에 따라 각 환자 세션이 5 분이 걸리도록 도입 된 5 분의 진단 규칙이 도입되었습니다. 이 규칙의 목적은 환자에 대한보다 철저한 검사를 장려하는 것입니다. 그러나 현재 의료 기록 시스템은 너무 복잡하여 적시에 입력 할 수 없습니다. 이 규칙은 의사가 환자를 검사하는 데 더 많은 시간을 보내는 데 도움이되지 않습니다. ASCAa EMR을 쉽게 사용할 수 있으므로 환자 기록을 입력하는 데 30 초 밖에 걸리지 않습니다. 우리의 특허 기술은 의료 기록을 기록하는 데 필요한 시간을 획기적으로 줄여 의사가 환자에게 더 많은 시간을 보낼 수 있도록합니다.

정보를 수집하는 ASCAa Health App 직원

ASCAa-Personal의 혁신적인 건강 애플리케이션은 여러 가지 방법으로 사용자의 건강을 지원하도록 설계되었습니다. ASCAa 직원은 개별 건강 정보와 의료 기록을 매끄럽게 연결하여 자신의 건강 상태에 가장 적합한 건강 조언을 제공하는 동시에 의료 전문 지식과 지식은 물론 의료 기록을 구축 및 통합합니다.건강 증진에 관한 정보 비디오디지털 의학 노트북건강 검진 결과 및 관련 건강 정보 제공심각한 질병 예방을위한 경고건강 검진 지원건강 검진 서류 신청텔레 쇼핑의료 정보 인프라 및 검색 기능에 액세스합니다.기능 지갑 및 저장ASCAa 직원은 다국어입니다


  • 2019 년 9 월 22 일
    NEW! Asclepius Network, 호주 거래소“TAGZ”에서 IEO 수행
  • 2019 년 3 월 15 일
    Medical Bit Foundation에서 발행 한 ASCA 토큰 목록이 세계 미디어에 표시되었습니다 !!
  • 2019 년 3 월 15 일
    ASCA 토큰이 cryptocurrency exchange에 상장됩니다! MBC 특별 판매 발표!
  • 2018 년 10 월 27 일
    Asclepius Network 웹 사이트를 비공개로 게시합니다


Asclepius 네트워크 프로젝트

  • 2012
    JpMedsn 설립
  • H1에서 2012 자본금 60 엔 JPY
  • 2012
    ASCAa-ESDM 개발 시작
  • 2016 년
    H1 자본금 148,750,000 엔
  • 2016
    ASCAa-Personal 개발 시작
  • 2016
    ASCAa-EMR α 버전 출시, 여러 클리닉의 시험 단계
  • 2017 Q1
    Q1 / Apple App Store 인증에서 ASCAa-EMR α 버전 출시
  • 2017 년
    자본금 249,750,000 엔 H2
  • 2018 2Q
    ASCAa-Personal 출시 및 2 분기 본격적인 프로모션 시작
  • 2018 년 3 분기 Q3
    에서 ASCAa-EMR β 버전 출시, 파일럿 운영
  • 2019 2Q
    ASCAa-EMR 출시 및 2 분기 본격적인 프로모션 시작
  • 2020
    ASCAa-ASCA와의 개인 본격적인 배포
  • 2020 년 2 분기 2 분기에
    ASCAa Lab 생성

팀 및 고문

  • 야마구치 히로유키
    프로젝트 매니저 , JpMedsn Co., Ltd.
  • 자문위원회
  • Yasuoka Hiroyuki
    MD 의료 감독관 , 미나미 아카사카 클리닉 이사
  • Lalit Bansal 영업 고문
  • 마케팅 전략 고문
    드미트리 벨 코프
  • Bharat Gandass 기술 고문
  • Tamura Ryosuke의
    지적 재산권 보호 Lighthouse International Patent Firm의 최고 특허 변호사

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