is the latest exchange for cryptocurrency

ZooomEx is a new cryptocurrency with positive nuances in preparation. Exchange is now in its infancy, and therefore, waiting for users, cryptocurrency holders, traders, and everyone. To do this, the creator offers everyone to benefit from unique offers.

Now, let’s go to the most fun thing – the chip that is now available at ZooomEx.

Zero Commission

To start with, from now to September, everyone who trades at   ZooomEx   will not receive any commission at all. That is, it is zero. All fees required by the transfer maker. But this is the end. While the compilation of commissions appears, it will be one of the questions of all who represent this field. When the ZooomEx developers wrote on their blog, “trade without commissions”.

Sales of ZXE coins

To start trading on the stock exchange, of course, you need to replace some of your own ZXE tokens. And this ZooomEx works. In just one week, in the context of private and public sales, ZXE tokens which are equivalent to 520 ETH are sold. This means that the ZooomEx project   will succeed.

Weekly Tournament Trader

Now, to attract everyone’s interest, I would say that every week should be held for traders with very good prizes. To be approved enough to meet all tournament requirements.

I believe that we have witnessed the birth of another high-quality cryptocurrency exchange with its own twist. Now there is not so much trading on the stock market, but in the near future things can change for the better. And for this the team has the ability and desire. In addition, the big added value is that we are dealing with a project that is already functioning.


1. Many e-money exchanges are technically not well equipped, among othersIn the long run, this can cause big problems, losses and losses.underline. Users of electronic money exchanges, in general,Like a simplified platform, it will make it fromNegative results are possible. Our team has employeesbecome a member of a large electronic money projectThis is the perfect feature for today. Please give permission forCreate a database and get itFollow the fashion path with you.2. ZooOMEX is fully protected from hacking and theft. oursExchange is made using high security standards.technical verification from the database and, at first,safety rules for their customers.3. Focus on customer service. We understand thatThe value of your feedback is the keyconditions of rapid market changes. You will get itfeedback from members of the technical support team3Open online to download the account with big profitswill open the requested value. You always getOur quality support will arrive on time and on time.from material problems, not from robotic worksscript4. We are international. Our support services are available 24/7 throughout the world.with you, click, ỗỗ ỗỗproblems without creating discomfort and unnecessaryinconveniences.


From June 24 to July 1, 2019, there will be an initial sale of ZXE tokens. This is a good opportunity to buy tokens at the lowest price, so the costs will increase in proportion to the development of the project. Discounts for ZXE purchases will vary depending on purchase volume and will reach 50%! For large buyers, individual conditions, write to the address listed below. To participate, just follow the https://www.zooomex.com link  , register and make a deposit. Open ZXE / ETH trade and buy the required number of tokens. We draw your attention to the restrictions, the minimum purchase is 15,000 ZXE at a price of 0.00007000 ETH. If you buy 300,000+ prices for ZXE 0.00006000 ETH, 750,000+ ZXE prices from 0.00005000 ETH need to email to ico@zooomex.com or PM @DrGrow Price for IEO ~ 0,00010000 ETH.

For More Information You Can Open the Below Links:

Website:   https://www.zooomex.com/

Whitepaper:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4soga73dpsxw849/AAC2xnw5iHpzm2trUZaoM6lqa?dl=0

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ZooomEx-Cryptocurrency-Exchange-468468037299795/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/zooomexcom

Telegram:  https://t.me/zooomex_en

Username: kapakmerah 
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2651673

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