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DEXA COIN is a progressive application that will streamline how we send and make money far and wide, while allowing individuals to embed through the default text highlighting. The platform is designed to change the way you send and make money faster, progressively, securely, and with a simple openness to every person who can handle a mobile gadget. DEXA COIN will incorporate blockchain technology into this ecosystem and its influence will help drive Money Transmission and Currency Exchange more than ever before. The integration of blockchain into these ecosystems will remove the mediators, and we are improving the way we send and earn money around the world.Just a few years ago, it was hard to imagine what cryptocurrency apps would find in our daily lives. today it’s almost impossible to find the ball anywhere he can. The popularity and relevance of cryptocurrency makes you think about ways and technologies that will make it accessible to the public. The issue of sending and receiving money is currently considered one of the most sought after in the world community. The ultimate goal of the DEXA Coin project this is to make the process of sending and receiving money more secure, affordable, and transparent for everyone who has a smartphone and knows how to manage it. The basis for solving this problem is innovative blockchain technology that will help facilitate the exchange of money. As such, key weaknesses are removed from the chain, these intermediaries, and this, in turn, will enable anyone with a basic understanding of smartphone devices to transfer money with low commission, transparency and without complications.In addition, according to the DEXA Coin app  , the social communication function will be set up, which will allow users to communicate with people not only about money transfer issues, but also to communicate with friends and family. No matter where you are, wherever you are in the world, with the help of powerful blockchain technology and the  unique DEXA Coin app  , there are unique opportunities to send and receive money anywhere in the world at no cost. Another possibility of the DEXA Coin app   is the ability to make instant payments where users can pay for small purchases, coffee or dinner using NFC payment technology   or QR code  . It also allows you to connect payment cards to your system, such as  VISA, MasterCard . In addition, in the future, the DEXA Coin project   plans to release its corporate prepaid card, which will likely benefit users who do not have a bank account. Each user will be able to apply to buy such a card and in the future use it in many cities around the world for purchases, payments and withdrawals.To meet its goals and for the convenience of users, the DEXA Coin project   creates  its own DEXA token  .
Token Name:  DEXA
Token Type:
Soft Cap Utility : 400,000 USD
Hard Cap: 2,600,000 USD The
sale will take several stages. Naturally, in the early stages, the token price will be lower and the bonus will be higher. To find out the specific numbers, I left a link to the site below in the description.Let’s delve into some of the points of interest and outline the future trends of the DEXA Coin project
1.  Send and receive money worldwide  . The simple user interface ensures that the system is easy to use and anyone with an Internet-connected smartphone can make international money transfers, payments and purchases.
2  instant payments  . The ability to pay quickly and efficiently with payments without NFC contacts or QR codes.
3  Ability to connect your bank account . You can connect payment cards like VISA, MasterCard.
4  Instant Messages . This is a unique competitive advantage. This provides an unmatched level of communication for platform users.
5  Effective security  . The company offers full protection and protection against hacker attacks. User safety is a priority for the DEXA Coin project.
6  User privacy . User privacy and protection are top priority. The instant messaging feature will be based on unique encryption principles that limit third-party access and ensure that messages remain private to users.Features of the DEXA Wallet app:

  • Security: The Dexa Coin app provides financial security and financial information for its users. This app has several features that guarantee the security of your digital currency, and the wallet does not cancel at every transaction level. Unmatched security is one of Dexa Coin’s top priorities, and the team is fully committed to providing a safe platform for its users. Unlike other remittance companies, the use of blockchain technology not only makes money transactions easy, but also secure.
  • Personal: In addition to all the security features added to the app, it also protects your privacy. The Dexa Coin app guarantees complete user privacy. The instant messaging feature has one-to-one encryption. This restricts access to third parties and ensures that messages remain between the parties involved. Additionally, it has an attribute that detects and opposes unauthorized access to payment transactions.

You can talk more about innovative projects like  DEXA Coin  . But instead of delaying the review, I left out all the necessary and important links below the description. There you’ll find all the answers you need to the questions that come up during your project study. In conclusion, I would like to add that the DEXA Coin project   did not come about by accident and did not happen by accident. When there is a huge demand but not enough supply, such innovative projects always come up. In the near future, you can expect DEXA Coin’s project  to prove itself and benefit its users and investors.


Instant messaging features:A feature that gives Dexa Coin a competitive edge and makes it stand out among its competitors is the ‘Instant Messaging feature’. Instant Messages is a social feature that allows users to stay in touch with family, friends or whoever they send money to. This in particular helps them obtain and communicate updates regarding money transfers. While this feature can be used by people for a variety of personal purposes, it is particularly helpful for business users or managers who want to maintain a business relationship with their clients and need to keep in touch with many clients at the same time about various payments. This provides an unmatched level of communication to its users that other platforms cannot.Issues with Traditional MethodsImagine having to send money from one place to another, let’s say the U.S. might? If you had to send $ 100 to a friend in the U.S., how much would you expect to receive? You don’t know. It’s not easy to guess because of some of the hidden costs that money-lending companies incur. There are a lot of hidden costs associated with a deduction because the exchange rate generates the entire amount of money you want to deduct. Even if the Money Transfer Operator (MTO) offers a free rate, the exchange rate is always too high to compensate for lost commissions. In addition to their high commissions, there are other factors that make the whole experience regretful. These factors include technology, organizational structure, rules, regulations, and overall pricing.In spite of these elements, this MTO does not offer the level of privacy and security requested by customers due to sensitive financial information and transactions.While there are some disadvantages to the traditional money transfer method mentioned above, there are a large number of individuals and businesses who still prefer traditional methods just to get stuck and waste valuable time.Listed below are some of the fundamental weaknesses of traditional remittance methods:More expensive:Traditional money transfer methods are usually more expensive.Wasting time:The traditional way that some companies and banks provide services is very slow. Traditional methods take time because of the presence of intermediaries in the process. Bankruptcy is the main reason for the delay in sending and receiving payments. It is not yet a waste of time to fill out a money transfer form and the entire procedure to prove one’s identity.Limited Accessibility:Money transfer companies and banks offer services for a limited period of time. Limited number of days and hours per day. They do not offer 24/7 service. In addition, they are closed on holidays and throughout the weekend. This means that you will most likely not be able to send or receive money in the event of an emergency.High fraud opportunities:Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of scams with scammers gaining access to control & tracking numbers.

ConclusionIn short, traditional money transfer methods fail to catch up with the technologically advanced world of money transfer. They are slow, insecure and expensive. Instead, Dexa Coin with blockchain as its backbone technology provides a perfect, safe, fast, and much cheaper solution to all money transfer issues and requirements. It goes a step further and provides unique features for its users, the “Instant Messaging feature” that enables its users to stay in touch with friends & family for personal and professional purposes. Therefore, Dexa Coin with innovative and innovative features is ready to revolutionize money transfer games.EXCELLENT INFORMATIONWebsite: kapakmerahLink:;u=2651673

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