Nexxus Rewards

Community Cooperative Solutions that Have Real Utility

Nexxus  is another example of a cryptocurrency business killer application that creates buyers’ requests for real utility on their own. Nexxus Token is the internal currency of Nexxus Rewards, which is a solution for community collaboration to continuously fund important local social goals. It generates revenue from unique and innovative, risk-free and affordable solutions for local traders to get and retain new customers.Every shopping transaction drives buyer demand for Nexxus tokens. It does not depend on speculative trade. Traders offer a percentage of sales to buyers on Nexxus tokens. Tokens are bought from the public exchange with merchant funds, which they gladly pay to get and keep new customers. Nexxus Rewards has a unique joint reward program that allows buyers to collect and redeem points at any merchant such as cash.Nexxus is a great example of a Trojan-Horse strategy to cross the chasm into mainstream adoption. Nexxus Rewards is an evolutionary enhancement marketing solution that includes a default revolutionary cryptocurrency payment gateway. When the public is ready to start using cryptocurrency to buy goods and services, all Nexxus traders can automatically receive one of the top 10+ cryptocurrency.Cryptocurrency is annoying, but more people need to understand it to be truly transformational. Nexxus has chosen a series of services designed to help popularize cryptocurrency. They revolve around Nexxus Rewards –   Global Rewards Community  . The merchant loyalty program suffers from several problems that can be uniquely solved by blockchain technology. Because Nexxus Rewards resolves some industry-specific issues, it will help the overall cause of cryptocurrency adoption.The core technology is Nexxus Rewards – a global gift community. Nexxus Rewards facilitates the use of cryptocurrency in a win-win-win situation for traders, buyers and local communities. Buyers have mobile and desktop applications to find Nexxus merchants to collect and exchange Nexxus Prize points. Nexxus Merchants has Nexxus promotional ads in their stores. Nexxus Rewards technology has begun operating with beta traders currently offering free cash back prizes to buyers.Nexxus Partners has a strong technology background and has developed all of its technology internally for years. All technologies, including the Nexxus Global Rewards system and many supporting services such as the Nexxus University Learning Management System (LMS), the Nexxus Barter system, and the Direct Sales Management system are all developed, owned and controlled by Nexxus without third party dependency. for critical functionality. This allows Nexxus to move quickly with improvements and improvements to meet the changing needs of the business environment.HOW EVERYONE WORKS

Traders decide what percentage of sales they will offer as gifts to shoppers based on their profit margins. Businesses with low margins such as gas stations or grocery stores may only be able to offer 1% – 2% prizes. Businesses with high margins such as hair salons or laundry can offer 15% – 20% or more. Prizes directly to the shopper.Traders also pay small marketing fees for valuable Nexxus Reward services. Marketing costs are a match of the percentage of their prizes up to 5%. If the merchant offers a 1% prize then their marketing fee is only 1%. If they offer a 20% prize then their marketing fee is only 5%. Marketing costs are gross income for Nexxus Rewards and are used, among others, to pay shopper referrals and to fund charity for their assistance with shopper purchases.

For example; The church is referring to Buyer # 1 who is referring to buyer # 2 making a $ 100 purchase from Merchant offering a 10% discount.1. Merchant collects $ 100 from Shopper # 2 using any payment method that is acceptable.2. Traders enter prize transactions for Shopper # 2.3. The merchant pays $ 10 which is used to buy the Nexxus Token for $ 1.00 from a public exchange for the shopper prize.4. Traders pay $ 5 for marketing fees.5. Nexxus Rewards gives Shopper # a $ 10 shopping credit that they can see in their mobile applications to be redeemed like cash at each Nexxus merchant.6. The Nexxus Prize gives 10% of the marketing costs as a reference prize of $ 0.50 to Shopper # 1 which refers in the form of a shopping credit that can be exchanged like cash at each Nexxus trader.7. The Nexxus Gift gives 20% of marketing costs as $ 1.00 in cash to the referring Church.

During the sale of the IEO Nexxus Token, all NXR token buyers are given the Buy Back option for all or part of the purchased tokens.When the Nexxus Rewards buys the Nexxus Token from the public exchange to give to the shopper as a gift for a shopping transaction, it first looks to fulfill each Buyback option.1. Buyback option holders are contacted in the order of purchasing Nexxus Tokens during IEO.2. They are given the choice to accept or reject the one-time offer to sell all or part of their Nexxus Token to the Nexxus Prize for $ 1.3. If they receive an offer, they are given specific instructions for making a sell order for the specified Nexxus Token amount of $ 1.00 each.4. The Nexxus Prize identifies sales orders on the public exchange and buys orders of $ 1.00 per token.The list of Buy Back option holders is managed in priority order based on the purchase date of the Nexxus Token during IEO.DELIVERY REAL UTILITY REAL ADVANTAGENexxus Token has real utility as an internal currency from the Nexxus Prize. Buyer requests are made from every shopping transaction and are not dependent on speculative trading.Purchasing power for Nexxus Tokens comes from merchants’ money that they gladly pay to Nexxus Rewards because it helps them find and retain new customers.


Local problems are best solved by local solutions. Local charities and non-profit organizations are always the best at solving local social challenges, whether in the local soup kitchen to feed the homeless, local shelters to protect battered women, or local animal shelters for abandoned animals.But these programs are too often underfunded and hindered by government bureaucracy, excessive spending, and a lack of timely donations.Local small and medium businesses provide the most jobs and they best understand the local needs of the community. A higher percentage of every dollar spent with a local business remains in the local community. But they struggle to compete with big companies, big stores, and national chains.20% of small businesses fail in their first year. 30% fail in the second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after 5 years.


Charities get perpetual fundraisers that are used to fund their unlimited social goals from an endless network of buyers who refer to their friends, and who tell their friends, and … You can get the picture.Traders get and retain new customers with a completely risk-free and affordable marketing solution where they pay nothing until after the sale, and when they pay, they name their price.Buyers collect and exchange Nexxus Reward points distributed like cash from all participating merchants. That free shopping dollar is only for shopping and sharing with their friends.Nexxus Rewards technology is ready for production to generate revenue with product development and market testing completed

Nexxus Token Repurchase Option

Nexxus Token buyers from the IEB ProBit token sale are offered a unique repurchase program through the Nexxus Rewards shopping rewards program.In addition to the NXR token bonus, the buyer will have the option to sell all or part of the NXR token purchased at a minimum price of $ 1.00. This option is being extended by Nexxus Rewards to IEO NXR token buyers to meet the ongoing needs of Nexxus Rewards for Nexxus Tokens, which are given to buyers as free shopping dollars with each shopping transaction.TOKENOMICS. Nexxus Token has a default buyer demand as Nexxus Rewards internal currency. Every purchase in any currency drives buyer demand and the value of the Nexxus token. Regardless of the currency used for purchases, the percentage of cash back prizes offered by merchants are automatically bought from the market in the Nexxus token.For example, if a trader offers a 10% cash back gift and the shopper spends $ 100, Nexxus Rewards takes $ 10 from the merchant and buys $ 10 Nexxus token from the public exchange. Potentially tens to hundreds of millions of dollars are valued every day at Nexxus Reward Points creating demand for exceptional utility buyers.Similar to the Ether coins used by Ethereum, Nexxus tokens have utility as the internal currency of Nexxus Rewards and can increase in value as the use of the Nexxus Rewards solution grows worldwide. Ethereum provides computing services for the programmer market, while Nexxus provides marketing services for a much larger market of traders and buyers.TOKEN SALESIMBOL: NXX – Nexxus TokenTYPES OF TOKEN: ERC20 Utility TokenCHANGE VALUE: 1 USD = 5 NXXTOTAL SUPPLY: 375.000.000SALE TOKENS: 50,000,000SOFT / HARD CAP: $ 2 million – $ 10 million USDToken DistributionTOTAL SUPPLY: 375.000.000ANGEL: 98.000.000 – 26%Use of FundsTOTAL DANA: $ 10.000.000SALES STAFF: 50.0% – $ 5,000,000ADMIN STAFF: 15.0% – $1,500,000AD: 12.5% ​​- $ 1,250,000MARKETING: 5.0% – $ 500,000COMMUNITY RELATIONS: 5.0% – $ 500,000INDUSTRIAL CONFERENCE: 5.0% – $ 500,000CAPITAL FEE: 5.0% – $ 500,000OFFICE & OVERHEAD: 2,5% – $ 250,000Nexxus Rewards Road Map1/2016 – 1/2018Product development1/2018 – 6/2019Market Testing6/2019 – 12/2019crowdfunding9/2019 – 12/2019Sales Team Acquisition & Training1/2020 – 6/2020Acquisition of Traders & Plano Charities6/2020 – 12/2020North Dallas Expansion1/2021 – 12/2021Dallas Area Expansion1/2022 – 12/2022Ft. Eligible Area Expansion

Project team






RICH ENGAGEMENTMarketing Director


GARY BERRIOCHOAVP of Business Development


MIKE SORENSENDirector of Technology


BILL RICHARDSONFinancial controller


MICHAEL BAILEYLocalization Director


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