The Defi – Meteorite Meteorite Network Protocol is a real Project 2021

METEORITE FINANCE is a Defi “Hold-to-farm” protocol that rewards each holder with a proportion of the cost of each transaction made in its ecosystem. Meteorite finance, has just released its first product, Meteorbet. Meteorbet is the first cryptocurrency sports betting platform that supports meteorite betting on major sporting events and has the chance to win a number of meteorite tokens.on each transaction performed in the ecosystem, a 1% fee is charged and distributed to token holders.Any product built under the network will support the use of $ Meteor, thus creating more use cases for tokens.
meteorbet is a sports betting platform for decentralized finance that allows $ Meteor bets on major sporting events and has the chance to win a number of meteorite tokens.The global sports betting industry will reach a market size of 203 billion US dollars by 2020. In this industry there are about 197 thousand employees with a total of almost 31 thousand businesses. The market is also poised to grow due to the increasing popularity of international sporting events around the world coupled with the increasing popularity of top class sports such as cricket, football, baseball. It has gained a lot of traction in the last few years, which has led to a decent increase in sponsorship for clubs, teams, players.In addition, increased investment by various sports organizations in marketing and promotional activities has led to increased investment by large betting firms in providing sponsorship for sports teams around the world. Therefore, the increased commercialization of sporting events is considered to be a key factor to be expected. to have a positive impact on market growth
over the next five years.With rising consumer expectations, this has led to the constant participation of key market players in the form of partnerships, collaborations, agreements, and R&D to launch
various platforms to meet rising consumer expectations. METEORBET creates a bridge between sports and specific spaces to meet these evolving expectations and demands.Investors will have the opportunity to wager $ Meteors on METEORBET and be eligible to win a sum of $ Meteors as prizes. to expand the prize money and currency at stake supported at METEORBET, partnerships will be made with other projects to bring their
tokens and communities.

There are three main operations in the system; Deposits, Withdrawals, and Transfers. To access
Meteorbet features , users must first create an account to interact with the system.
TO CREATE AN ACCOUNTClick LIST on the home screen.Fill in the information and submitEnter the code that was sent to the email address.The system automatically creates
a unique betting wallet for each user.
TO MAKE A DEPOSITClick the “OPERATION” button on the menu bar and select “DEPOSIT MONEY” from the drop-down menu that appears.Click deposit.enter the amount and submit.Click “Pay Now”.Follow the instructions that appear and send the meteoriteTo the address provided. Enter the transaction hash and the
amount of tokens sent and click the “pay now” button.
the appropriate operating procedure and select money withdrawal /
money transfer .
TO PLACE A BETClick ”  TURNAMEN”   and select
an active sport anywhere

How Meteorbet works:

There are three main operations in the system: deposit, withdrawal, and transfer.Create an accountClick Register on the main page.Fill in the information and submit.Enter the code that was sent to your email address.The system will automatically create a unique betting wallet for each user.Make a depositClick the Operations button on the menu bar.and select “Deposit Money” from the drop-down menu.Click “Deposit”.Enter the amount.Click Pay Now.Follow the instructions that appear and send the meteorite.At the specified address, enter the transaction hash and the amount of token sent and click the “Pay now” button.To withdraw and transfer fundsFollow the appropriate transaction procedure and select “Withdraw or Transfer Money”.

Project Roadmap




For More Information Click The Link Below:

Website:  https://meteorite.networkWhitepaper: Landungsarielink;u=3166153

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