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APESWAP is a decentralized platform, we have a special team consisting of highly experienced monkeys, who have been in the crypto space for many years. $ BANANA is our original currency. Bet, collect, and get $ BANANA all at ApeSwap.

ApeSwap is an Automated Market Maker, Yield Farming, and Staking platform in the Binance Smart Chain (a branch of PancakeSwap). ApeSwap was built by DeFi Apes, for DeFi Apes. We have a dedicated team of experienced monkeys, who have been in the crypto space for many years. $ BANANA is the native currency of our platform. Bet, collect, and get $ BANANA all at ApeSwap.
We are in the middle of 2021. I have to say this is an incredible year for the blockchain industry. From the fall and spike in the price of Bitcoin to the rapid growth of DeFI’s success.
DeFI which is also known as Decentralized Finance has been a great blessing for the blockchain industry and the world at large. As we know cryptocurrency serves as a secured decentralized store of value, DeFI creates decentralized financial instruments that are independent of traditional centralized institutions.
The DeFI world has seen rapid growth in 2020, back in 2019 the value of the DeFI industry was $ 275 million. But in February 2020 its value grew significantly to a total of $ 2.5 billion in early July, $ 3 billion in mid -July, and $ 4 billion on July 25. This growth rate indicates an increase in mass interest in DeFI.
Just like the ICO boom of 2017-2018, they also experienced an increase in fraud projects in the DeFI space. This scam took advantage of the popularity of the DeFI industry.
The people most affected are, newcomers, into the DeFI space who have not or cannot properly research these projects.
As a writer in the blockchain industry, I have decided to create this post to help newcomers in identifying legitimate and original projects.
There are so many of them out there. Today I’m going to talk about one of the best I’ve ever encountered. I have to say this project is one of the surviving DeFi projects in 2021.

What Is The Vision For ApeSwap.Finance

Community – We are DeFi Apes, and we have to take care of each other. A strong, vibrant, and happy community is the # 1 priority for keeping ApeSwap thriving. We joke about monkeys and bananas, but in the end, our community is on top.
$ BANANA Utility – Our Ape developers will continue to work hard to implement new features to get the most out of your $ BANANA! We understand the importance of creating utilities, storage patterns, and requests for our beloved Monkey 
Collaboration  – We understand the importance of working with    other #BSC  projects  in space. We are actively seeking and discussing with cross -space projects to obtain mutually beneficial partnerships.


Smart contract audits require considerable costs. More than bunches and bunches and bunches of $ BANANAS can cover. However, the security of our monkey funds is the most important consideration for us – and we know how important quality audits are to you. So, we didn’t just do one, but TWO audits were done. One by BSC Gemz and another by Certik.



Monkeys are friendly creatures – we love partnerships – and we haven’t held one, but TWO big parties (social distance!) In the woods in the last few weeks as we welcomed BakerySwap.org and Beefy.Finance for the Apeswap family.


The first $ BANANA drive was opened to accept donations in $ BANANA and other tokens over a 3 -day period, and we raised over $ 4,000 for our sweet monkeys.

Apes is the name of the ApeSwap community and no doubt the engineers have created their own tokens to support their monetary system, ApeSwap has made $ BANANA as their token utility to support all kinds of movements in their trades.

Why should we trust and use it?

I know the reason for the scam action case because the second mainstream of BSC, AMM and Rugpull issues creates some uncertainty to enter some new projects. However, as I said before ApeSwap has several audit reports of their code and liquidity has skyrocketed making them have higher credibility than different projects without the audit itself.

How does ApeSwap try to ensure its cost?

Everyone must be aware of how protecting the costs of the AMM Decentralized Exchange will always be:

How can I use ApeSwap?

The core offering is an exchange that allows users to exchange tokens and get BANANA. Like all exchanges, there are costs to consider. Each token exchange is accompanied by a 0.3% swap fee in BNB, 0.05% of the swap fee will go into the developer’s wallet. The rest return to the community. 

ApeSwap runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network so it   requires users to have a BSC -compatible wallet such as Metamask in   order to use ApeSwap. The main function of ApeSwap is to provide token exchange, staking, and merging platforms similar to    the Ethereum Uniswap platform  to users,  but also designed to reward user activity with BANANA tokens. https://www.youtube.com/embed/acWrJt7GRGg?start=4&feature=oembed


Liquidity mining began in February 2021 with what ApeSwap called the BANANA Frenzy. This is a specialized liquidity mining and betting program to incentivize early adopters and bring much -needed liquidity to the platform.



To prove our commitment to this project, we will use 100% of our revenue to buy back and burn. There is a charge of 0.3% for each swap (standard for all DEX), 0.05% of each transaction goes into the ApeSwap Treasury. During our first 3 months, 100% of our ApeSwap Treasury will be used to buy back and burn $ BANANA. After this period is over, we will re -evaluate the best use of the funds with the community.
Aims to provide regular, consistent, and large burns for all of you. As much as monkeys LOVE $ BANANAS, we love our fellow monkeys even more, and we know the value of tokens is important to you. So you keep farming ‘and we’ll keep burning
Gamified Burning
Apes, we have lots of fun $ BANANA games! The first is the ApeSwap lottery, where we will burn 20% of $ BANANA per spin. Not only will some lucky Monkeys swim in $ BANANA, but the entire Monkey community will benefit from the
Compound Vault with 0.05% -0.1% Withdrawal Fee used for repurchase / burn

ApeSwap Pools means many things to different users. For the new Binance Smart Chain (BSC) cryptocurrency project, the collection is a way for the project to get initial investors and sell some project tokens before the main launch. For users, ApeSwap Pools is a way to make money.
If you are interested in earning passive income from Automated Market Maker (AMM), follow the steps outlined in this article so that you can earn income from ApeSwap Pools.

Website:   https://apeswap.finance/
Twitter:   https://twitter.com/ape_swap
Telegram Group:   https://t.me/ape_swap
Telegram Channel:   https://t.me/ape_swap_news
Medium:   https: //ape-swap.medium.com/
Github:   https://github.com/ApeSwapFinance

by Landungsarie

link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3166153

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