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Covid-19’s causative agent, SARS-CoV-2, is one of the successful corona viruses that has initiated a global pandemic. How it appears in humans, however, remains a very important question so no one has a complete answer to it. However, knowing how clinically important viruses appear is key to anticipating and stopping the next virus.What is SafeCovid?
SaveCovid is a very unique, powerful, and transparent project. On the one hand, SaveCovid can also be called the “SafeStore” or entertaining gaming platform and the historic NFT marketplace for Covid-19 with automated donations to UNICEF. The team presents this great project for future needs. The presence of such a project will certainly attract large market investment. what are you waiting for Opportunity is right in front of your eyes. Don’t miss this once -in -a -lifetime opportunity and it’s time we built the SafeCovid family! Don’t forget to take part in this great projectSafeCovid propertyAutomatic betting by playing against the fears of Covid-19SafeCovid is a three -stage automated care protocol for Binance Smart Chain.Reward with each transaction2% for owners, 2% for car liquidityAutomatic betting on three levelsThe more time you survive, the more you earn. With each new level, your rewards increase.Covid-19 NFT History MuseumNFT Community Museum on Covid-19 to commemorate this historic period.Play and donatePlay, earn, and donate. 20% of game transactions are automatically donated to UNICEFAirdrop milestones13 air drops are associated with market capitalization milestones. (see airdrop table below)

Displays SafeCovid

1.Auto-Staking by fighting covid-19 anxiety.

SafeCovid is a three -level automated care protocol in Binance Smart Chain.

2. Rewards on each transaction

2% for holders, 2% auto-liquidity

3. Three Level Automatic Betting

The more time you have, the more you earn. At each new level, your rewards increase.

4. Covid-19 NFT History Museum

NFTs Community Museum around Covid-19 to commemorate this historic period.

5. Play and donate

Play, earn, and donate. 20% of game transactions are automatically donated to UNICEF

6. Waterfall milestones

13 Airdrops are related to the achievement of market capitalization. (please see Airdrop table at bottom)
Platform Game Mini WorldMake more $ SFC with mini-games created by developers around the world.20% of all game and NFT sales in the transaction will be donated to UNICEF. Funds are transferred every three months.0xE7dB368b0b42132Bb7ABd4749eCEC2052F6813D3
1100.000000.000000SFCPowered by PQINA
Buy your first $ SFC at PancakeSwapAnd be an early pioneer in
3 stages of automated reconnaissance. Stop developing your vaccine and with each step your rewards will increase. The more people you save, the more rewards you will get.BSC contract address: 0xc82a5dd7904ad9dbdfdefe37e6bad6ea2977940c


Total Supply: 7,000,000,000Circulating Liquidity: 4,500,000,000 (64.28%)Team: 1,200,000,000 (17.14%)Milestone Airdrops: 650,000,000 (9.28%)Marketing: 350,000,000 (5%)Game: 300,000,000 (4.29%)

Autostaking protocol

In each transaction:- 2% redistributed to all holders- 2% is automatically added to liquidity in Pancake Swap Each transaction is limited to 30 million SFCs to fight whales who sell their bags all at once. For every 30 million sales, the price of SafeCovid and the value of the whale bag will go down.3 levels of prizes for all holders according to loyalty time.- Level 1: new handle- Level 2: lasts 45 days- Level 3: lasts 150 daysEach month our best holders will receive a special airdrop in the holding period function


SafeStore is a mini-game platform. Soon, all developers around the world will have access to it, as a result all SFC holders can play and get SFC.Initially, game publishing will be driven manually. Later, the automated protocol will allow it in Safestore.The first game developed by the team was LuckyDraw, a simple prize draw (every 8 hours).Gift transaction games will be allocated according to this model:- 70% for players- 20% for UNICEF- 5% for game developers- 5% for liquidity

NFT Marketplace

The market place will be open to all NFT makers if at least one creation is related to the COVID theme. NFT will be used first in the Binance Smart Chain and later in the Elrond Network. Each sale will be allocated according to the model below: – 70% for sellers – 20% for UNICEF – 5% for creators – 5% for liquidity

Covid Museum NFT

Each week, one NFT will be selected by the community to integrate the NFT Covid Museum from a selection determined by the team.Later, the NFT decentralized selection will be put forward by a vote of the holders. NFT of the week will be featured forever at the NFT Covid Museem with a collection of values ​​for creators and owners.

SafeCovid Roadmap

Covid-19 is a deadly virus that has claimed many lives around the world and caused considerable economic losses in many countries. As a result of this virus, many people lose their jobs and their financial situation worsens.

Website: Landungsarielink;u=3166153

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